VC Pay Registration and ORE Integration


VC Pay Registration
Parents can register or enroll for AutoPay via two methods
Resetting Failed Enrollment Deposit Payments
On occasion, payments received through circumstances such as Online Re-Enrollment or Online Enrollment can fail for one reason or another. In these situations, these transactions should be reset so individuals are able to submit payments again.
Truth in Lending FAQ
Overview Veracross now offers schools the ability to create a Truth in Lending Act (TILA) disclosure document through the use of our software. The Veracross TILA product is designed to make compliance with your school’s TILA disclosure obliga...
Truth in Lending with Veracross
Overview The Veracross TILA product is available with VC Pay and designed to make your school’s TILA disclosure obligations seamless. However, both the content included in the form and the decision as to whether and when TILA reporting disclo...
VC Pay Action Menu Items on the Enrollment detail screen
Overview Three unique VC Pay action menu items exist  on the enrollment detail screen.  This article provides an overview for each menu item and appropriate usage.  TESTING ONLY: Reset VCPay Registration Data This procedure is f...