Do our families need to register for VC Pay every year?

Enrollment in both VCPay and AutoPay is on an annual basis. Families need to pay the VCPay registration fee each year and also need to re-enroll in AutoPay each year.

Does VCPay work with credit cards that are issued outside of the United States?

Yes. VC Pay (and BlueSnap) work with credit cards/accounts that are issued by non-domestic banks.

How do parents update their payment account?

A parent cannot update their payment account, the school will have to deactivate the current payment account so the parent can re-add the correct version. 

To deactivate the old account, navigate to the Payment Accounts tab on the Household Record, click into the Checkout Payment Account ID you wish to deactivate and then run the “Deactivate Payment Account” procedure from the Action menu.  After this has been deactivated the parent will not see this Payment Account in their VC Pay Wallet. 

Is Bluesnap, the payment provider used with VC Pay, available for international schools?

No, unfortunately at this time BlueSnap (and thus the VC Pay module)  is not available internationally.   It is only available for schools in the U.S, and is not available in Puerto Rico. 

Does Veracross report late payments made through VC Pay to any credit bureaus?

Some parents may be concerned that, since payments are being processed through Veracross, Veracross may, in turn, report late or missed payments to a variety of credit bureaus.

Veracross facilitates creating "late fees" through the Finance Charges functionality.

Veracross does not notify any credit agencies of any on-time or late payments to the school. You do have the option to collect late fees from parents who do not make their payments on time through the creation of finance charges, but this data will never be sent to any credit bureau on Veracross's behalf.

This process can be found in documentation here:

How can I create missing VC Pay registration records?

If VC Pay Registration records are missing from an AR Invoice and should be there, there is an action menu option on the Invoice Record that can create those records. 

If there is a large batch of missing VC Pay records on Invoices, submit a ticket with a query of the invoices and engineering can batch add them. 

Are convenience fees refunded when issuing a Credit Card or ACH refund?

Any convenience fees that were paid by a parent or another billing person are non-refundable through Veracross.  While payments can be refunded, any convenience fees associated with the original payment are not refunded by Veracross.  However, if desired, you and your school are able to refund the amount yourselves if desired.

How we edit the the message on VCPay Registration page?

At this time, the text block displayed to parents when accessing the VCPay Registration page can be edited via the VC Pay Configuration query on the Online Enrollment Homepage.  

When will payments hit a school's bank account?

Once funds are received into the Bluesnap merchant account, the payouts (to school's bank account) should appear in your school's bank account on the next business day. However, there’s a difference between credit card (CC) payments and automated clearing house (ACH) payments.

  • If parents are paying by CC, the payments clear automatically and appear in school’s bank account the next day
    • There may be a cutoff time late in the day. In case a CC payment is made specifically before the cutoff time, it would would appear the next day. If it happens after the cutoff time, it may take an additional day.
  • If parents are paying by ACH, the payments have to clear the bank and then hit the Bluesnap merchant account before being deposited into school's bank account 
    • This process could take a few days and is bank-dependent.