Using Workspaces

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Workspaces allow users to save and organize queries, bookmarks, and records around particular departments, tasks, or users. Each query, bookmark, or record added to a workspace is added as an individual line item to their corresponding section. From the workspace, users can then move, delete, favorite, and quickly run queries as necessary.

Workspace Section Definitions

  • Queries: the queries section are saved copy of any query or report in the system. Saving a copy to a workspace allows the workspace user to make changes to that saved query as necessary for their daily tasks. For example, if the Find Student query is saved to a user’s workspace (or any other workspace he/she has access to), he/she can modify their personal copy of the Find Student query within their workspace to only search for students with last names starting with “A.” The query criteria will be saved for this instance of the query on the workspace, but not to the original.
  • Bookmarks: a bookmark references another query or record in the system. Rather than existing as an individual copy of a query or record, a bookmark is linked to the original and will update automatically as changes are made to the original. Similarly, if the original query or record is deleted, the bookmark that references that query or record will automatically be removed from the workspace.
  • Records: a record references any record in the system, such as an individual student record. Like bookmarks, this is reference to the original so any changes made to the record will update the reference that is saved to the workspace.

Each item added to workspace sections have additional options that allow for quick query running and audit log information.

Audit Log

All items contain usage and creation data including the query ID, record type, creation date and user, last modified date and user, and last executed date. Hovering over the audit log info reveals a detailed log of actions taken.

Quick Query Options

Additionally, hovering over items in either the queries or bookmarks section reveals two querying options.

  1. Launchpad Quickview
    The blue Launchpad Quickview option opens the query or bookmark in the Launchpad, allowing users to enter quick criteria into the search bar. Help text is provided to indicate what kind of criteria should be searched on (e.g. “Full Name” beings with…”).
  2. Run Query
    The Run Query provides a quick button to run the query or bookmarked query based on whatever criteria has been specified.

If additional modifications should be made to the query design, simply click on the query or bookmark title to access the design page.

Saving Queries, Bookmarks, and Records to Workspaces

For each of these options, users can save them to their desired workspace from their appropriate detail screens in Axiom.

Saving Queries & Bookmarks

Open the desired query to be saved and select the  action menu icon. Select the “Save to workspace” option. Users will be presented with a list of all available workspaces they have access to, to which the query can be saved. Select the desired workspace and decide how this query should be saved.

  • Bookmark: saving the query as a bookmark will create a reference to the query only that can be easily accessed from the workspace.
  • New Query: saving the query as a new query will create a copy of the query which the user can then modify without making changes to the original from the workspace.

The description is the name of the query or bookmark as it will appear on the workspace.

Saving Records

The process for saving individual records is similar to saving queries, but only a bookmark to the record can be saved. Open the desired record and select the “Save to workspace” option under the  action menu item. Select the desired workspace and save as a bookmark.

Creating a Workspace From the “Save to Workspace” Menu

When saving a new query or bookmark, users have the option of creating a workspace or sub-workspace directly from the “Save to Workspace” dialogue box. To begin the process, highlight the workspace that the new workspace should be contained within, e.g., if the Workspace named “Smith, John” is highlighted, creating a new workspace will place it inside the “Smith, John” Workspace.” Click   . After a name is selected, the new workspace will be a selectable option for saving queries or bookmarks.

Editing Queries, Bookmarks, and Records

Changes to queries, bookmarks, and records can be made individually or in-batch to each section of the workspace. To move or delete an item from any section, select the “Edit” button. This will change each item into a checkable line.


To remove a query, bookmark, or record from a workspace, select the red “X” that appears next to the line when the “Edit” button is clicked. Removing queries will only delete that instance of the query from the workspace. Removing a bookmark or record, since it is a copy of the original, will remove any subsequent bookmarks or records made from that reference (it will not delete the original).


Items can also be moved between workspaces. When the “Edit” button is selected for any section, each line item within the section will turn into a checkable box. Select one or more query, bookmark, or record to be moved. When items are selected a “Move # Item…” button will become available. Select the button and then the appropriate workspace from the list to which the item should be moved.


Frequently used queries or bookmarks, or frequently accessed records can be marked as “favorites.” All favorited items are easily accessible from anywhere in Axiom by selecting the star icon in the Axiom menu bar. Favorited items are organized first into personal or shared sections depending on the workspace from which they were saved, and then by workspace name.

Items can be favorited either before or after they are saved to a workspace. To favorite them at the time they are saved to a workspace, look for the “Favorite” star icon on the “Save to workspace” screen. To favorite after they are added, select the star icon to the left of the item name.