Using the Client Portal


The Veracross Client Portal ( is a tool for school point people and certain departmental champions to interface with Veracross account managers and Technical Support Team on a variety of issues. This article is intended to bring all users up to speed on the new user experience, effective July 23, 2018.

Accessing the Client Portal

Navigate to to log in using your normal Veracross username, password, and school short name (same as the “old” portal). Your school’s short name is found in the URL of the old client portal, Axiom, Portals, etc.. For example:

The same philosophy governing who at a school should have access to the Client Portal does not change with the advent of the new portal user experience. Please contact your account manager if you are not sure who should have access at your school or if you would like to make changes.

Security Roles and Adding Client Portal Users

The SysAdmin or Client Portal User security role is required for access (same as the “old” portal). To add a new Client Portal user at your school, ensure that they have a user account, then give them the Client Portal User security role. Because the Client Portal utilizes SSO and account provisioning, when that new user logs into the Client Portal for the first time (using their existing Veracross username and password), a Client Portal account for them is automatically created.

Homepage and Resources


The main navigation provides several resources:

  • Home: homepage
  • Forums: updates to Veracross (the new Changelog)
  • Tickets: view your tickets
  • Documentation: external link to
  • Webinars: external link
  • TeamGantt: external link to a project planning tool used mostly by implementing schools
  • Website: external link to

The Homepage

“How can we help you today?”

Type in a search term to search your school’s tickets and the Veracross Updates (the new Changelog).

  • New Support Ticket: Click to open a new ticket.
  • Check Ticket Status: Click to view your tickets (same as clicking “Tickets” in the navigation)

Modules Documentation

See a list of documentation categories. Click a category to link directly to the category in Modules.

Veracross Updates

See the most recent updates to the system. Click a category (e.g., “Academic Modules”) or a particular post to see more.

Veracross Updates (the New Changelog)

Veracross Updates provides information about new features in Veracross. It is divided into channels that can be subscribed to. To access it:

  • View highlights in the right pane of the Client Portal homepage. Click “Veracross Updates” or any individual update.
  • Click Forums in the main navigation. Veracross Updates are considered a “forum” in the Client Portal.

Follow a Veracross Updates Channel

To receive email notifications of new posts in a particular channel, click Follow in the forum. The button changes to “Following.” Click it again to unfollow and stop receiving notifications.

Submitting a Ticket

Submit a new ticket via the New Support Ticket link on the homepage, Forums page, or Tickets page:

  1. Click New Support Ticket.
  2. Enter information in all fields of the ticket. They are all required. See section below for details.
  3. Click Submit.

The Ticket Entry Screen

All fields are required:

  • Requester: The logged-in user is automatically populated. Do not update this field.
  • Subject: Enter a specific subject for the ticket.
  • Type: Select from:
    • Question: A question about system functionality. Please provide a link to a relevant screen even if your question is broad.
    • Issue: Report a problem or issue with the system. Please provide links to specific pages in Axiom, Portals, etc., or a specific student’s document. Include links to the security admin detail screen of any users who are affected (or at least their usernames). Screenshots are helpful — include them inline by inserting an image in the description or attach it separately.
    • Module Installation: Request a module be installed or ask a question about an installation.
    • Data Upload: Request that data be uploaded or ask a question about a data upload. Please attach the actual data file and/or a link to a relevant screen in Axiom or the Data Importer.
    • School Project: Ask a question or continue a conversation about a project you are working on with your account manager.
    • Change Request: Make a request to change an element of the system. Please be specific and describe what you are hoping to achieve in Veracross.
  • Priority: Select from low, medium, high, or urgent. Please only mark an item as urgent if it is immediately time sensitive.
  • Department: Select from the drop-down. If you aren’t sure, take your best guess or select “Other Modules.” It can be updated.
  • Description: Write a full description of the ticket. Include basic formatting, images, and links as desired. See next section for tips on writing a good ticket.
  • Attach a file: Attach one or more files.

Video Illustration of Submitting a Ticket

Managing Tickets

Click Tickets from the main navigation or click Check Ticket Status to view a list of your tickets.

  • Change the filter: By default, all open or pending tickets are displayed. Click to change the filter options.
  • Change the sort: By default, tickets are sorted by date created in descending order. Click to change the sort.
  • Export tickets: Click to export tickets as a CSV or Excel file. There are several options available to set the date range and fields to include.

Click a ticket to view it.

Tips for Long Ticket Lists

The Client Portal interface is optimized for viewing and managing 30 or fewer tickets. Schools with more open tickets can take advantage of some of these tips to make lists more manageable:

  • Use filtering and sorting options to tailor the list to be most helpful.
  • We recommend as a best practice prepending the department or module area to the beginning of ticket subjects. You can determine your own system, but here are some examples:
    • EMP: How to turn on the HR tab (EMP stands for "Employment")
    • ADM: Application question (ADM stands for "Admissions")

Viewing and Replying to a Ticket

The ticket detail screen contains the comments on the left and ticket details on the right.

  • Comment on the ticket: To comments on a ticket, click "Click here to reply to this ticket" or click the arrow "Reply" button which expands the text entry box to include all of the formatting options available when initially entering the ticket.
  • Update ticket information: To update the question type, priority, or department, change a drop-down on the right and click Update.
  • Close a ticket: Click the check mark icon to close a ticket. Closed tickets can be viewed in the Tickets list, but cannot be reopened. Ask your Veracross account manager to open any closed tickets.