Using Standard Merge Fields in Email

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Both Composer and email distribution lists support merge fields. This feature works in similar fashion to a mail merge in that merge fields can be embedded in an email using the syntax {vc:field_name}. For example, in an email sent to 150 people, using the following line:

Dear {vc:first_name},

… would replace the field {vc:first_name} with each email recipient’s first name in all 150 emails that are sent.

This article covers standard merge fields, which will merge using the email recipient’s information. For open-ended merge options using an Axiom Query (with over 20,000 queryable fields), click here to read about “customized merge fields”

Merge Fields

*Note: these merge fields do not necessarily work in predefined Veracross email templates (e.g., Enrollment/Re-enrollment email templates).

Merge FieldDescription
{vc:email}Email 1
{vc:person_id}Person ID
{vc:name_prefix}Name Prefix
{vc:first_name}First Name
{vc:middle_name}Middle Name
{vc:last_name}Last Name
{vc:name_suffix}Name Suffix
{vc:nick_name}Nick Name (displays First Name if no nickname is on file)
{vc:phone_home}Phone Home
{vc:phone_mobile}Phone Mobile
{vc:phone_business}Phone Business
{vc:email_2}Email 2
{vc:gender}Gender (Male/Female)
{vc:marital_status}Marital Status
{vc:job_title}Job Title
{vc:date_of_birth}Date Of Birth
{vc:place_of_birth}Place Of Birth
{vc:current_medications}Current Medications
{vc:allergies_symptoms}Allergies Symptoms
{vc:date_enrolled}Date Enrolled
{vc:date_withdrawn}Date Withdrawn
{vc:current_grade}Current Grade
{vc:school_level}School Level
{vc:graduation_year}Graduation Year
{vc:carpool_number}Carpool Number
{vc:license_plate}License Plate
{vc:parking_permit}Parking Permit
{vc:tuition_payment_option}Tuition Payment Option
{vc:financial_aid}Financial Aid
{vc:locker_number}Locker Number
{vc:additional_locker_number}Additional Locker Number
{vc:combination}Locker Combination
{vc:person_notes}Person Notes
{vc:mailing_address_multi_line}Mailing Address
{vc:salutation_per}Formal Salutation
{vc:informal_salutation_per}Informal Salutation
{vc:children_ids}Children Names, Veracross IDs
{vc:years_enrolled}Years Enrolled
{vc:all_roles}All Roles
{vc:household_name}Household Name
{vc:mailing_address_multi_line_hh}Household Mailing Address
{vc:salutation_hh}Household Formal Salutation
{vc:informal_salutation_hh}Household Informal Salutation
{vc:addressee_hh}Household Addressee
{vc:member_email_addresses}Household Member Email Addresses
{vc:household_notes}Household Notes
Note: The following four HPU merge field links remain active for two weeks once they are sent in an email.
{vc:hpu_parents}HPU Form: Parents
{vc:hpu_fac_staff}HPU Form: Fac/Staff
{vc:hpu_alumni}HPU Form: Alumni
{vc:hpu_public}HPU Form: Public
Note: The following four Enrollment & Admission portal merge field links remain active forever and do not have a defined expiration once they are sent in an email.
{vc:enrollment_link}Enrollment Link
{vc:reenrollment_link}Re-Enrollment Link
{vc:enrollment_agreement_link}Household Enrollment Agreement Link
{vc:admission_portal_link}Admission Portal Links
{vc:application_decision_date}Displays the Application decision date
{vc:total_ar_payer}Total unpaid AR Amount for payer
{vc:current_ar_payer}Unpaid AR Amount for payer up until the AR Statement Date
{vc:overdue_ar_payer}Past due AR amount
{vc:invoice_student_name}Students name on AR Invoice Item
{vc:invoice_student_id}Students ID
{vc:invoice_school_year}School Year on AR Invoice
{vc:invoice_current_due}Current Amount Due on AR Invoice
{vc:invoice_unpaid_amount}Unpaid Amount on AR Invoice
{vc:physical_exam_expiration}Children Names, Physical Exam Expiration
Note: The following Unsubscribe link remains active for two weeks once it is sent in an email.
{vc:unsubscribe_link}Link to the Communications Subscription Manager
Note: The following Account Setup link expires 72 hours after generation and/or if another account setup link is sent to the same person. If the end user clicks on an expired Account Setup link, Veracross will automatically send a Welcome Email based on this functionality, so even if using the following link via Composer/Distribution lists, it's strongly advised that your school should still fully set up Welcome Emails in order to cover scenarios when the link has expired. 
{vc:portals_account_setup_link}Link to the “select password” interface for setting up portal accounts. This will fail if the email recipient doesn’t have a portal user account. Upon successful password selection, the user is redirected to the "Primary App" as configured in the Security RolesPlease review these before any initial launch. 

Using Merge Fields in Composer

In a Composer message, simply start typing {vc:…} and Composer will suggest merge fields based on what has already been typed. Click to select one of the suggested merge fields or simply finish typing the full merge field syntax.

Preview and Test

When in the “Preview and Test” stage of a Composer email, you are able to preview how the merge data will look to a random recipient or to yourself by clicking the relevent option in the "Record for Merge Data" section.

  • Random uses a random recipient’s data for each test email sent
  • Myself uses your own data for the test email

Considerations for Using Merge Fields In Distribution Lists

Because emails sent using distribution lists are written in a client email program — not from within a Veracross system — merge fields do not auto-complete like they do in Composer. They must be typed manually (or copied and pasted from the above list).