Updates: Core Foundation

Updates about CRM, Axiom, Portals, communications, calendars, employment, etc.

Update: Making Pronouns More Prominent in Axiom

01/25/2021Ian Drummond
Module: Core Foundation Affects: All Axiom Users Effective: January 25, 2021 Action Required: None As part of our commitment to helping our schools support all students and everyone in your school community, we are moving the "Pronou...

Update: CC Address Field on Report Groups Now Functional

01/21/2021David Kopchick
Now, when sending emails through these distribution lists, email addresses populated in the CC Address field will receive a copy of the sent email, as well.

Update: Updated Permissions Relating to Calendar Day Rotations for Division Heads

01/12/2021David Kopchick
People with any Division_Head security roles can now set and adjust rotation day values on the rotation tab of a calendar day record. Previously, when interacting with values on the rotation tab on a calendar day record, only those with SysAdmin_1 and Div_Head_3 had these permissions.

Update: Bug Fix on Individual Event Notifications

10/23/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Core Foundation Effective: October 23, 2020 Action Required: None Summary We recently announced notifications for several individual event types and today we have a small bug fix for this feature. Previously, to send a notificati...

Update: HPU/Online Giving Queries Adjusted to be More Intuitive

10/15/2020David Kopchick
We've made a couple minor tweaks to queries on the Online Enrollment and Online Giving homepages to make them more consistent and intuitive.

Update: Individual Event Notifications

10/14/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Core Foundation Effective: October 13, 2020 Action Required: None Summary We realize that email notifications likely play a significant role in many of your workflows. Today, we are rolling out the first iteration of assignment not...

Update: Removing Fac/Staff Portal Membership When Role Changes

09/29/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Core Foundation > Portal Membership Effective: September 29, 2020 Action Required: None Action Recommended: Review your faculty/staff portal membership to review any users fitting the criteria listed below that may have been mark...

Update: Pronoun Field Added to Additional Detail Screens

09/18/2020David Kopchick
The Pronouns field was created to allow users to deliberately set their preferred pronouns (including custom pronouns). Previously, this field was available on the Other tab of person, student, and admission candidate detail screen. Now, this field is also available on the Other tab of the staff, faculty, program student, and employment applicant detail screens.

Update: Automatically Clearing Data Import Records

09/11/2020Ian Drummond
Product: Core > Data Importer Effective:  September 17, 2020 Action Required: None Action Recommended : Review uploads in the Data Importer You can use the Veracross Data Importer, accessible via a link on the System homepage, to im...

Update: Bug Fix on COVID-19 Screening Form

08/26/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Health Module / Parent and Teacher Portals Effective: August 26, 2018 Action Required: None We recently rolled out a COVID-19 screening form in the parent and teacher portals, and we discovered and immediately fixed a bug that cam...