Updates: Business

Update: Business 1 Security Role Conflict Resolved

03/25/2021Julie Roach
Module: Business Effective:  March 25th, 2021 Action Required: None Action Recommended: None Previously, there was a conflict when an individual had both the Staff_2 and Business_1 security roles.  Due to this conflict, certain ...

Update: Online Invoice Payment Notifications

03/09/2021Julie Roach
Module: VC Pay TM Effective: March 9, 2021 Action Required: None Action Recommended : None Email notifications to Payers are now available for VC Pay Tuition Management schools when payers make an Online Invoice Payment through the Veracr...

Update: Business Notes Values Now Hidden in Audit Log

03/02/2021David Kopchick
Module: Business Effective:  March 2nd, 2021 Action Required: None Action Recommended: Review security roles to make sure that people who need to see these values can. Previously, when someone updated the Business Notes field, audi...

Update: Removed Create Installments field from Unposted Student Charges query

02/24/2021Derek Pfeffer
Module: Student Billing Effective: February 24, 2021 Action Required: None Since the Create Installments field on the Unposted Student Charges query is no longer required with the new charge splitting functionality, we have removed that fie...

Update: Business Module Enhancements

01/28/2021Julie Roach
Module: Business Modules Effective: January 25, 2021 Action Required: None  The following enhancements and bug fixes have been launched.  Two versions of the 1096 form are now available, for the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC forms. Fi...

Update: VC Pay Enrollment Complete Banner

01/25/2021Julie Roach
Module: VC Pay and Online Enrollment Effective: January 22, 2021 Action Required: None Do you require VC Pay registration as part of online enrollment, but don't collect a deposit? Then this update is for you! Previously, if you didn...

Update: 1099 Functionality Now Supports New IRS Requirements

11/24/2020David Kopchick
We're updating our 1099 functionality to support the new IRS requirements for 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC.

Update: Add GL Budget Remaining to Purchase Orders in Axiom

11/19/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Purchase Orders Effective: November 19, 2020 Action Required: None In Axiom Accounting (accounting.veracross.com), there is a field on purchase order records for "GL Budget Remaining" on the General and Disposition tab. We...

Update: VC Pay AutoPay Batch Integrity Checks

11/06/2020Ian Drummond
Module: VC Pay AutoPay Effective: November 9, 2020 Action Required: None Action Recommended : Utilize this new feature before your next AutoPay batch to help discover and fix errors before they cause difficulty for parents.  It is imp...

Update: Reorganized Household Screen for Accounting is Live

10/23/2020Ian Drummond
Platform: Axiom Accounting ( accounting .veracross.com) Effective: October 23, 2020 Action Required: None As we announced earlier this week , today we rolled out improvements to the layout of the household detail screen in Axiom Accounting...