Updates: Business

Update: Reorganized Household Screen for Accounting is Live

10/23/2020Ian Drummond
Platform: Axiom Accounting ( accounting .veracross.com) Effective: October 23, 2020 Action Required: None As we announced earlier this week , today we rolled out improvements to the layout of the household detail screen in Axiom Accounting...

Update: Reorganized Household Screen for Accounting

10/20/2020Ian Drummond
Platform: Axiom Accounting ( accounting .veracross.com) Effective: October 23, 2020 Action Required: None In conversation with many of you about the user interface of household detail screens in Axiom Accounting ( accounting .veracross.co...

Update: Non-Parent Billing Portal

10/19/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Student Billing Effective: October 19, 2020 Action Required: None Action Recommended : Set up this new portal if you want to give non-parents access to pay invoices online. We are happy to let you know that today we are releasing ...

Update: Update to Several Queries on the AutoPay Homepage

09/15/2020Ian Drummond
Module: VC Pay > AutoPay Effective: September 15, 2020 Action Required: None We are updating the design of several queries on the AutoPay homepage: Invoices Enrolled in AutoPay Other Possible Payment Accounts Exist AutoPay Invoices w...

Update: Bug Fix on VC Pay Shared Payment Interface

09/14/2020Ian Drummond
Module: VC Pay > VC Pay Wallet Shared Accounts Effective: September 15, 2020 Action Required: None We have fixed two bugs encountered by some VC Pay users when interacting with shared payments, specifically when editing a payment account...

Update: Self-Service Refunds for VC Pay

08/26/2020Ian Drummond
Module: VC Pay Effective: September 2, 2020 Action Required: To make sure you can process any refunds and not have to send wire transfers for large refunds, reach out to your bank by September 16 and have them add Bluesnap, Company ID 4450479...

Update: Non-Resident Payer Invoice Setup

08/25/2020Ian Drummond
To allow non-resident payers — people who do not live with students but are responsible for paying — seamless access to invoices, we are releasing an update today that ensures that the invoice document displays correctly and allows receipts coming through VC Pay to be correctly applied to non-resident payers. Please review our full documentation, and see below for a video walkthrough of how you can update your existing invoices for non-resident payers. This update applies to all schools using Veracross Student Billing, whether you use VC Pay or not.

Update: Increasing Visibility of Refund Policies in Several Places

03/25/2020Ian Drummond
We are updating the places that refund policies are stated in the VC Pay process to clarify and support our Veracross refund policy and make processing fees clearer to payers.

Update: VC Pay Tuition Management AutoPay Schedule Builder

03/11/2020David Kopchick
We are thrilled to announce that we have taken steps to streamline the AutoPay batch setup and creation process by creating the new AutoPay Schedule Builder. This feature is designed to give you clarity and control over your own AutoPay schedules and batches.

Update: Truth in Lending for VC Pay

01/30/2020Ian Drummond
Product: VC Pay Effective:  January 31, 2020 Action Required: None Action Recommended: Explore new options for Truth in Lending disclosures if you are using VC Pay.  Coming on Friday 1/31/20, Truth in Lending disclosures will be ...