Updates: Admissions and Enrollment

Updates about admissions and enrollment

Update: Ability to Copy a School or Inquiry Form

10/08/2020Ian Drummond
We're happy to announce that it is now possible to copy School and Inquiry forms in AP3.

Update: AP3: Demographic Checklist Item Widget Enhancement

09/03/2020Thad White
We're excited to announce a bundle of enhancements to the demographic widget type used in Admission Portal 3.

Update: Admission Lead Inquiries & Candidate Portal Accounts

07/06/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce that you can now create admission lead inquiry forms and manage candidate portal accounts for AP3

Update: Veracross Recommendation Forms for Admission Portal 2 Users

06/30/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce that AP2 schools can now use the new Veracross Recommendation Forms functionality.

Update: New Grade Applying For Collection

06/17/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce that you can now control Grade Applying For values on AP3 forms.

Update: The Application Summary Document

01/15/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce the new Application Summary document.

Update: Admission Visit Interview Date

11/21/2019Ian Drummond
Previously, when adding an interviewer to an admissions visit, the interviewer (technically an individual event) would inherit the event time — not the specified interview start time — from the admission visit. We have updated the logic so that now the interviewer inherits the interview time specified on the admission visit.

Update: Self-Serve Security Configuration for Enrollment Policy Categories

11/12/2019David Kopchick
We're happy to announce that you can now manually configure security on the Enrollment Policy Category record that affects all policies belonging to it.

Update: Admissions Portal File Upload Classification

10/10/2018Ian Drummond
Module: Admissions Portal Effective: September 10, 2018 Action Required: None Previously, file classifications had to be applied after the fact to files uploaded via a File Upload widget in the Admissions Portal. Now you can now specify ...

Update: Update to Copying Registration Forms

09/25/2018Ian Drummond
Module: Online Event Registration Effective: Immediately Action Required: None Summary Questions with the types "Event Specific" and "Child Event Specific" on registration forms will no longer be included when copyin...