Updates: Academics and Student Life

Updates about academics, grading, attendance, program registration, etc.

Update: Qualitative Criteria Now Split on Course Record

03/05/2021David Kopchick
Module: Academics & Student Life Effective:  March 5th, 2021 Action Required: None Action Recommended: Review new workflow for viewing archived qualitative criteria On Course records, the Qualitative Grading tab is now spli...

Update: Grade Level Filters on Check-in Kiosk

12/22/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce that the student names drop-down for check-in/check-out kiosks can now be filtered by grade level.

Update: Cohorts Integration with Transportation Module

12/22/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce that cohorts data is now integrated into the Transportation module.

Update: Text Insert on School-Configurable Academic Documents

12/22/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce that we've added configurable text inserts to school-configurable academic documents.

Update: Batch Download of School-Configurable Academic Documents in the Faculty Portal

10/30/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce that batch printing school-configurable academic documents via the faculty portal is now po

Update: Redesigned Student Assignment Submission Interface (Student Dropbox)

10/16/2020Thad White
We're excited to announce the availability of the newly redesigned student assignment submission interface.

Update: Control Academic Document Display for Faculty

10/08/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics > LMS > Faculty Portal Effective: October 8, 2020 Action Required : If you use school-configured documents, review the new "Include in Faculty Portal" field to set to "Yes" if you want the document...

Update: New Import Types for Resources and Transfer Transcript Grades

09/25/2020Ian Drummond
Product Area: Data Importer > Academics Effective: September 24, 2020 Action Required: None You can use the Veracross Data Importer (available as a link on the System homepage) to import all kinds of data into Veracross. We have two ne...

Update: New Portal System Screen For Historical Academic Documents

09/22/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics > Historical Academic Documents Effective: September 22, 2020 Action Recommended: Enable the new screen on your parent portal or student portal Summary As part of our new academic document publishing feature, today w...

Update: Automatic Cohort Refreshing

09/21/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics > Cohort Records Effective: September 21, 2020 Action Recommended: Review cohort records if you use them When we rolled out cohorts this summer to help you manage in-person and remote learners, the process for refresh...