Updates: Academics and Student Life

Updates about academics, grading, attendance, program registration, etc.

Update: Academic Document Publishing

07/31/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics Effective:  August 6, 2020 Affects : All schools Action Required: Review your academic document configuration to prepare for publishing them at the end of your first grading period this coming year. See the timeline bel...

Update: In-Person and Remote Student Cohorts

07/31/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics Effective:  July 31, 2020 Action Required: None Action Recommended: If you are planning on modeling in-person and remote distinctions among your students this coming year, we strongly advise using this new cohort recor...

Update: "Obsolete" Flag on Alternate Block Schedules

07/14/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce the new obsolete flag on Alternate Block Schedules.

Update: New "Person Course Request Exists?" Function Field

06/15/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce the new Person Course Request Exists? function field.

Update: New "Grade As of Assignment Due Date" Function Field

05/20/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce the new Grade As of Assignment Due Date function field.

Update: Publish a Virtual Meeting URL

03/27/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics Effective: March 27, 2020 Action Required: None. Action Recommended : Add Zoom links (or links to whatever system you use) to class records. Summary As we are all going online and engaging in remote learning, we have hea...

Update: Sort Keys Used for Conflicting Classes on the Schedule Document

03/09/2020Ian Drummond
We have updated the system logic to use a progression of sort keys to prioritize which class will be displayed on the schedule document when there are conflicts.

Update: New Academics Reports Tab

03/05/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics Effective: March 5, 2020 Action Required: None. You've been asking for it and we are pleased to let you know that you can now view academic reports — report cards, progress reports, and transcripts — direct...

Update: New PTC System Parameter & Conflicting Slots Queries

02/27/2020Ian Drummond
We’ve added a new school-configurable reference date system parameter for parent teacher conferences.

Update: Date Adjustment on Automated Incidents

02/05/2020Ian Drummond
e have adjusted this logic so that behavior displays the date of the event that triggered the generation of the incident, not the date of the nightly process that actually generated the incident. We are also displaying just the date, not the date and time.