Updates: Academics and Student Life

Updates about academics, grading, attendance, program registration, etc.

Update: Redesigned Student Assignment Submission Interface (Student Dropbox)

10/16/2020Thad White
We're excited to announce the availability of the newly redesigned student assignment submission interface.

Update: Control Academic Document Display for Faculty

10/08/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics > LMS > Faculty Portal Effective: October 8, 2020 Action Required : If you use school-configured documents, review the new "Include in Faculty Portal" field to set to "Yes" if you want the document t...

Update: New Import Types for Resources and Transfer Transcript Grades

09/25/2020Ian Drummond
Product Area: Data Importer > Academics Effective: September 24, 2020 Action Required: None You can use the Veracross Data Importer (available as a link on the System homepage) to import all kinds of data into Veracross. We have two new ...

Update: New Portal System Screen For Historical Academic Documents

09/22/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics > Historical Academic Documents Effective: September 22, 2020 Action Recommended: Enable the new screen on your parent portal or student portal Summary As part of our new academic document publishing feature, today we ...

Update: Automatic Cohort Refreshing

09/21/2020Ian Drummond
Module: Academics > Cohort Records Effective: September 21, 2020 Action Recommended: Review cohort records if you use them When we rolled out cohorts this summer to help you manage in-person and remote learners, the process for refreshin...

Update: Cohorts - Remote Designation in "Where is Student Now?" & Student Logistics Requests

09/08/2020Thad White
We're excited to announce extended cohort functionality.

Update: In-Person vs Remote in Attendance & Cohort/Remote on Student Daily Schedule

09/01/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce expanded functionality related to cohorts.

Update: New "Exposure/Contact" Field on the COVID-19 Screening Form

08/28/2020Ian Drummond
Last week, we rolled out a COVID-19 screening form, available in the parent and staff/faculty portals. Based on feedback, we are adding an additional question about contact exposure status. You can modify the question text (as you can for all of the questions), but we are defaulting it to the CDC's guidelines: "Has this individual had close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) with a person with confirmed COVID-19?" If you had repurposed another field previously to ask this question, we are providing recommendations to start using this new field.

Update: Qualitative Configuration Tool - Enhanced Archiving

08/27/2020Thad White
We're happy to announce the release of extended archival functionality within the qualitative configuration tool!

Update: New "Cohort" & "Cohort Status" Function Fields

08/21/2020Thad White
We are excited to announce the release of two new function fields related to the new cohorts functionality.