Update: VC Pay AutoPay Batch Integrity Checks

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Module: VC Pay AutoPay
Effective: November 9, 2020
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Utilize this new feature before your next AutoPay batch to help discover and fix errors before they cause difficulty for parents. 

It is important that information in AutoPay batches is accurate, and so we are happy to rollout new AutoPay batch integrity checks! These will allow you to review potential data issues or constraints that need to be resolved on the back end or by contacting parents prior to approving the AutoPay batch. You can run the checks at any point up the approving the batch and four categories of errors — critical, high, medium, and low — are identified, giving you the opportunity to review and correct them.

Here are examples of integrity checks broken down by severity. You can click on the "Record Count" field to drill down and get more info on each check.