Update: Resend Recommendation Request Email Action

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Module: Admission Portal 3
Effective: 1/4/21
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Review the update/use the new action


 We're happy to announce that we've improved the experience of resending recommendation request emails in AP3. Previously, it was necessary to cancel the request and add an entirely new request record in order to resend the recommendation request email to the recommender. This update provides AP3 users with a new action menu option on the person checklist item detail screen to reissue the recommendation request email without the need to cancel the pending request record.

The Details

The "Send Recommendation Request Email" action on the recommendation checklist item detail screen.

Running this action will resend the recommendation request email to the recommender with a new tokenized link to complete the form. The email will only be sent if the request status is "Pending". Each time the recommendation request email is resent, the form access links in all previous request emails to the recommender for the candidate for the form will become invalidated (token is expired, clicking the link in an old email will result in an error message).