Update: Relationship Elements Now Managed Using Collections

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Module: Admissions > Admission Portal 3
Effective: December 9, 2020
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Review/edit your relationship collections


 As part of our continued efforts to provide you with greater control over the Admission Portal 3 user experience, we're excited to announce that relationship elements are now managed using collections. In addition to controlling the values available for parents to select, these collections also control which person cards display on various portal screens. Read more below.

The Details

The detail screen of a relationship element with the Collection field.

Forms Affected

There are currently four form types that utilize a relationship element that are affected by this change:

  • Inquiry (Parent Relationship Repeatable element)
  • New Candidate (Parent Relationship Repeatable element)
  • Parent (Relationship element)
  • Relatives & Friends (Relationship element)

New Default Collections

We have created three new default collections for relationship values:

  • Candidate Family (for use with the Parent form type)
  • Parent - Candidate (for use with the Inquiry and New Candidate form types)
  • Relatives & Friends (for use with the Relatives & Friends form type)

You can view and/or alter the values in these new collections by accessing them from the registration season type record in Axiom.

The new default collections for relationships on the collections tab of the registration season type record.

New Logic for Relationship Card Display

As part of this update, the logic used to determine whose person cards are displayed to which users and in which demographic sections. Check out our new related person cards guide for more information.