Update: "Obsolete" Flag on Alternate Block Schedules

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Module: Academics
Effective: 07/14/20
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Mark unused alternate block schedules as obsolete


In our ongoing effort to help schools better manage complex scheduling scenarios this fall, we've added the ability to mark alternate block schedules obsolete. This enhancement allows you to simplify your list of active alternate block schedules and reduce time spent scrolling through the dropdown when applying an alternate block schedule.

The Details

Alternate Block Schedules can be marked obsolete directly from the block schedule detail screen:

The obsolete flag on the alternate block schedule record.

The "Alternate Block Schedules" query linked on the System homepage automatically filters out alternate block schedules marked obsolete:

The obsolete filter on the Alternate Block Schedules query.

The "Block Schedule" dropdown on the Calendar Day Rotation record also filters out alternate block schedules marked obsolete:

The Block Schedule dropdown with obsolete filter on the Calendar Day Rotation record.