Update: New Self-Service Close School Year Procedure

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Module: Core Foundation
Effective: July 22, 2020
Action Required: None, but you can use this new Close School Year workflow if you have not yet closed your school year.

With the end of the academic year comes the need to close the school year in Veracross. The "traditional" workflow was that you would review various data questions outlined in documentation, then submit a ticket in our support portal, at which point our engineers would run a series of scripts that closed the year. Indeed, many of you have already completed this process for the 19-20 school year.

We are rolling out a new feature: self-service "close school year." That's right, the days of submitting a "Please close our school year" ticket are nearly over. We have a new process available to you now, accessible right in Axiom. This means that beginning today, you can close your own school year in Veracross. 

Read the full documentation.

An example of the new Close School Year detail screen