Update: New "Grade As of Assignment Due Date" Function Field

Module: Academics
Effective: May 19, 2020
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Create a new query with this field or add it to an existing query.


Many of our schools have altered their grading policies for the Spring term in response to COVID-19. One such response we've heard a lot about is the "do no harm" grading policy, which requires the ability to calculate grades as of the date when you transitioned to distance learning. To help with those efforts, we've built a new function field — "Grade As of Assignment Due Date" — available on grades queries. To use it, simply add it to a grades query and supply the desired parameters:

  • Reference Date: the "as of" date; for COVID-19 related uses, this would typically be the date you transitioned to distance learning
  • Include Unpublished Scores?: designates whether or not you want to include scores currently unpublished in the calculation 

The Details

This field allows you to calculate a numeric grade by limiting the assignments to those whose assignment due date is between the start date of the minor grading period (including the start date) and the reference date (including the reference date). This allows you to see a grade that has been calculated based on the assignments that were due as of a specific date.

NOTE: this field will calculate based on what the current assignment score is, not what the assignment score was as of the reference date. This is therefore not the same as a point-in-time backup, insomuch as it is doing a live calculation based on the state of the data at the time when the query is run.

In addition, because the field is calculating the posted-to-date numeric grade value, it will only work for minor grading periods. To calculate a major grading period grade as of a certain date, you will need to calculate each minor grading period as of that date separately then manually average the grade.