Update: Multi-File Uploads for Single Admission Checklist Items

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Module: Admissions > Admission Portal 3
Effective: October 29, 2020
Action Required: None

As you know, you can have parents upload files using the "File Upload" checklist item widget in Admission Portal 3. Previously, parents were limited to a single file of up to 100 MB. This meant that if you wanted to give parents the ability to upload additional documents, you needed to create multiple "miscellaneous" checklist items, or ask that your parents combine files into a single PDF. No more! 

Today we are adding the ability for a single checklist item to support multiple files. Parents in the admission portal can drag and drop multiple files at once or select multiple files in their computer's file browser interface. 

Here is an example of a file upload widget with two files already attached. 

If you want parents to take advantage of this feature, we recommend including directions. Here is an example on a checklist item. The "Description" field displays in the portal. 

Here are a few points to highlight:

  • The 100 MB file upload limit pertains to each file, not the entire checklist item, meaning that a parent could upload several files that add up to over 100 MB.
  • These files may be of any file type.
  • The checklist item completes when the first file is uploaded.
  • The parent can drag and drop multiple files at once, and the file chooser interface when browsing files allows for multiple files to be selected.
  • There is not currently a way to require that multiple files are attached. If you need to enforce the submission of multiple files, you should continue to do that using multiple file upload checklist items.