Update: Enhanced User Account Error Prevention on Inquiry Forms

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Module: Admissions > Admission Portal 3
Effective: November 30, 2020
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Review update details below


 The existing Account Lookup functionality on AP3 inquiry forms is a great first line of defense against duplicate record creation but it is only effective if inquiring families interact with it using the email address they will use on the inquiry form itself. In our ongoing efforts to prevent submission errors, we've added an additional layer of protection to form processing that runs account lookup on the email addresses entered on the form and prevents form submission when one of the email addresses is already associated with a user account. While the primary source of user account related errors has been inquiry forms, this new functionality works on all forms that collect an email address, not just inquiry forms.

The Details

The new user account error prevention functionality in action.

This new functionality exists behind the scenes in the form processing code and prevents the form from being submitted with any email address(es) associated with an existing user account. All email addresses submitted as part of the form are checked against existing user accounts when the form submitter clicks the submit button and any email addresses associated with an existing user account will display an error message to the form submitter, prompting them to log in or use a different email address (the error message displayed is not currently configurable). 

This functionality is now part of the standard form processing scripts and does not require additional configuration.