Update: Admin Editing of Forms with Errors

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Module: Admission Portal 3
Effective: February 3rd, 2021
Action Required: Review the documentation
Action Recommended: Use the new functionality to process your forms with errors


 We're excited to announce that it is now possible to correct AP3 form submission errors in Axiom using the new Admin Edit URL. This URL gives you the ability to see a form exactly as a parent submitted it and correct the response that created the error to successfully process the submission. 

This release is part of our ongoing effort to reduce the likelihood of AP3 submission errors occurring and give you better tools to resolve them when they do. This release is also one of our Q1 product roadmap deliverables (Admission Portal 3 Submission Management: Ability to Edit Submissions on Behalf of Families).

The Details

The ability to edit errored submissions is made possible by the new Admin Edit URL, available in submission queries like the "Errored Submissions" query linked on the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage and the "Submission Logs" detail category on the submission record.

Upon clicking on the Admin Edit URL for a submission, the form will be opened in a new tab in admin mode (note the yellow banner):

In admin mode, you are able to adjust all data points that were submitted by the parent, as well as any hidden elements that are part of your form design. 

Once you have adjusted the submitted data accordingly, click the submit button at the bottom of the form to reprocess the submission using the adjusted data. When the submission has been processed, you will see a success screen and may close the browser tab.

For more information about how troubleshooting submissions in admission portal 3, please refer to the Troubleshooting Form Submissions documentation.