Update: Add Multiple Candidates on an Inquiry Form

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Module: Admissions > Admission Portal 3
Effective: November 19, 2020
Action Required: None
Action Recommended: Set the new "Repeatable" flag to 'True' in the Candidate section of any inquiry form you want to allow candidate multi-add on.


We're excited to announce that candidate multi-add on inquiry forms is now available! This highly anticipated feature allows prospective families to add all of their admission candidates with a single inquiry form, whereas previously, parents with more than one child applying had to complete the inquiry form for one child, go into the portal, and then add additional children using the "New Registrant" form. 

This functionality is powered by repeatable sections, the same mechanism used by AP2 inquiry forms - now configurable by you!

The Details

'Inquiry - Candidate' sections now have a flag on their detail screen to set them to be Repeatable. When set to 'Yes', an Add Another Candidate button will display below the Candidate section on the form, allowing you to repeat the section and add as many candidates as you like. The label for this button is not currently configurable.

Brother or sister relationships will automatically be inferred based on the gender of the candidates, following the same logic as Admissions Portal 2 inquiry forms.

The Repeatable flag on the candidate section of an inquiry form configuration.

The Add Another Candidate button rendered on an inquiry form.

Notable Configuration Changes

Because the Candidate section can now repeat, some changes have been made to how forms are configured. There is a new Parent Relationship Repeatable element which is intended as a direct replacement for the old Candidate Parent Relationship element with added improvements - namely, that it repeats along with the Candidate section to allow you to specify a unique relationship for each parent to each child. During the roll-out of this feature, all Candidate Parent Relationship elements have been replaced with the new Parent Relationship Repeatable element on your behalf and we will be deprecating the old Candidate Parent Relationship element in the near future. 

CAUTION: If you revert this change and use the old Candidate Parent Relationship element on a form with a repeating Candidate section, that relationship applies to all Candidates and people completing the form will not be able to choose unique relationships.

As a result of this update, the Interests element has changed a bit as well. Previously, the Interests element was only allowed in the Interests section, which doesn't make much sense if there are multiple Candidates with varied interests. Now for Interests Inquiry forms, we've moved Interests into the Candidate section on your behalf and interests can be chosen for each individual candidate.

CAUTION: If you configure your form to still use an Interests section and not have the Interests element in the Candidate section it will work, but the Interests will apply to all Candidates. This choice of configuration isn't recommended.