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Learn all about the Transportation module to ensure that students get where they need to be!


Transportation Overview
The Transportation module tracks students’ journeys to and from school according to their transportation schedules, allowing schools to track their bus usage in detail, enables communication with families riding buses, has tools to receive bus change requests from families, and manages exceptions to a student’s schedule (e.g., after school activities) thanks to the integration with other modules.
Configuring Transportation Schedule Exceptions
This article covers the way to configure scheduled ‘day of the week’ exceptions in the Veracross Transportation Module. A scheduled exception is a Student “Transportation Schedule” record in the Transportation module that acts as a regularly occurring (scheduled) exception to their Normal bus configuration.
Copying Transportation Schedules for Next Year
This article covers the process that schools can follow to copy transportation schedule records from one year to the next. It also covers the use of the ‘posted’ flag on transportation schedule records.
Daily Transportation Management
A student’s day-to-day scheduling exceptions can impact their transportation needs. For example, if a student is absent from school, that can impact the student’s bus requirement for the day.