Transfer balances to next School Year Invoice

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The process to move amounts from one invoice to another is a manual one.  This is because Veracross has the ability to show all invoices on the parent portal; calculates a total balance due of each invoice and presents that grand total to the parent.  However,  cases may arise where balances need to be moved to the next school year's invoice.  

Step by Step

Here is a an example query used to export Last Year (LY) Balances. We are using the example of transferring 19-20 balances to 20-21 invoices.  Any query can be used, this is simply  Veracross' example query of summarizing balances.

Step 1: Zero out 19-20 Invoices

1. Export LY Balances to Excel and formulate the data to match the PCI Import.  All columns need to be filled in but it's important to note the following: School Year should be 2019; Quantity = 1; Unit Price = inverse of amount in LY Export; Item_Amount = quantity x unit_price.

2. Import PCIs and post the inverse charges onto the 19-20 invoices to force the unpaid amount to go to zero.

Step 2: Add Credit or Balance onto 20-21 Invoices (this can be on the same import as above, if you don't want to do this twice)

1. Formulate the PCI Import, again everything should be filled in but it's important to note the following in this import: School Year should be 2020; Quantity = 1; Unit Price = LY Balance; Item_Amount = quantity x unity price.

2. Import PCIs and post the charges onto the 20-21 invoices to add the credit or balance.