Tracking Medical Visits via the Online Kiosk


The Health Kiosk is a feature of the Health module which the school nurse can use to track students who are coming to the health office for medical attention. Students can sign themselves into the nurse’s office using the kiosk, which automatically creates a medical visit record the school nurse can use during the student’s visit.


To access the kiosk select the “Health Kiosk” link under the Other section on the Health homepage. This will launch the Health Kiosk in a web browser. The school nurse can then log into the kiosk to access the student input screen. If the Health Kiosk link is not available, please send a Client Portal Request to have that enabled.

Entering a Visit

When students visit the nurse’s office, they will:

  1. Select their name from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select their symptom from the drop-down menu.
  3. Explain why they are visiting the medical office using the text box (if necessary).
  4. Select “Confirm Visit” once the information is completed.
  5. The student will then be prompted to take a seat while they wait for assistance.

Submitting the health kiosk form will create a medical visit record for the student which the school nurse can access using the “New Health Kiosk Visits” query under the Today section on the Health homepage. When the query opens, all the medical visits for today are listed in order of the time they were entered by each student.

Back on the homepage, the nurse can see how many students have checked in by looking at the “New Health Kiosk Visits” link. The number of pending medical visit records will appear next to this link. To see a current count of pending visits, refresh the Health homepage using the “Refresh Homepage” link located in the top right of the page.


Text templates can be used to customize the main header and footer that appears on the Health Kiosk. To add or modify a Health Kiosk text template, select the “Text Template” link under the System Configuration section on the System homepage.