Tracking and Administering Medications

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A number of health information reports are available under the Today section on the Health homepage. School nurses can use these reports to quickly view medications they need to administer for that day, view medical visits that have been requested by a student through the health kiosk, etc.

New Health Kiosk Visits

If the school is using the Health Kiosk as a means of managing the queue of students waiting to be seen by the nurse, the total number of visits will update as the student submits their visit information using the Health Kiosk. The school nurse can click on the ‘New Health Kiosk Visits’ link to display a list of the students who are waiting for assistance. This list displays in order of when the student signed in to help manage the queue of students waiting for assistance.

To ensure an accurate calculation of the total number of Health Kiosk Visits, the Health homepage should be refreshed on a regular basis. This can be done by clicking “Refresh Homepage” at the top right of the homepage screen.

Today’s Meds to Administer

The ‘Today’s Meds to Administer’ report displays a list of all student medications that have yet to be administered for today. Once the medication has been given to the student, the school nurse can check the ‘given’ box and the record will be removed from the report.

This report will only display medication information for students if they have a medication log entry for today. Learn more about adding logs for administering student medications.

Today’s Meds

The school nurse can use the ‘Today’s Meds’ report to display a list of all student medications for today, both administered and not administered. From this report, the nurse can easily view which students have received their medication and which have not. As medication is administered the nurse can check the ‘given’ box to indicate the student has received their medication for the day.

This report will only display medication information for medications with a log entry for today. Learn more about adding student medication information.

Expired Physical Exams

The school nurse can view all expired physical exams by running the ‘Expired Physical Exam’ report. This report will display a list of all students whose physicals have expired and the date of expiration. This report only works for students who already have a prior physical exam entered. Learn more about adding physical exams.

Veracross defines a physical exam as expiring one year after the date the exam was given. This might not be every schools definition of expired physical exams. Schools may change how their exam expiration dates are calculated if it is different from the way Veracross defines it. Contact your Account Manager for assistance.