Time Off Balance Import Type

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The Veracross Data Importer allows you to import time off balances for school employees. This is especially useful when transferring time off balances from one school year to the subsequent school year. This import type is considered both an importer and an updater — it both inserts new time off balances or replaces existing time off balances. 

The logic to calculate whether this import type inserts a new time off or updates an existing one is as follows — it inserts a new time off value unless the following values match an existing time off balance (in which case, it updates that one):

  • person_id or (person_reference_type and person_reference_value)
  • school_year
  • time_off_category

Uploading Time Off Balances involves the following steps:

  1. Ensuring that the following are configured prior to using this import type:
    • School Year
    • Time Off Categories
  2. Preparing the data for upload using the Time Off Balance import type template, which is provided before data import on the Importer site.
  3. Uploading the data using the Veracross Data Importer.

Preparing the Data for Upload

The user must prepare a comma separated value (CSV) file containing all data to import. This file must contain all columns in the order listed below.

Recommendation: Use the import template provided at import.veracross.com/your_school, rather than creating your own CSV file. This can eliminate many unintentional errors.

Fields in the Import Type Template

This template has an instance of a "either this field or that field are required" scenario. See the notes in the table below for more information. All fields besides the scenario indicated above are required.

Column (field) NameNotes
Required fields:
person_reference_type and person_reference_value
person_idNumeric format. The person_id can be found in the Person ID column in a standard Find Person query.
person_reference_typeText format. Must be an already existing person reference type. This information can be found in a Person Reference Type query. Must be either of the following values:
  • person reference type id (numeric format)
  • person reference type description (text/numeric format)
person_reference_valueText format. This value is the reference value in a Find Person Reference Number query.
school_yearRequired field. Text format. The school year the balance should be applied to. You can find these values on the Years query on the System homepage. Acceptable values can be found in these columns:
  • Year
  • School Year
This value cannot be a summer school year.
time_off_categoryRequired field. Text format. What type of time off this is (e.g., personal, sick, maternity). These values can be found in the Time Off Categories query on the System homepage. Acceptable values can be found in these columns:
  • ID
  • Description
amountRequired field. Numeric format. How much time off this person should have for the appropriate time off category. You can find this value on the Time Off tab of their person record in the Amount Allowed column next to the corresponding time off category.

This value rounds to the nearest hundredth decimal place.
For example: 1.007 rounds to 1.01.


In addition to the criteria set in the table above, this import type has a number of additional considerations that should be taken into account.

Can I create new time off categories with this import type?No — both time off categories and school years must be configured prior to using the Time Off Balance import type.
What should I do if I have additional questions about this import type?If you have additional questions about this import type, please reach out to us by generating a ticket in the client support portal. Be sure to include:
  • Which import type the question pertains to
  • Your question
  • Any error messages received (if applicable)