Third Party Payment Provider Integration

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Veracross Checkout integrates with several payment gateways:

The recommended payment provider for Veracross is BlueSnap. To implement Bluesnap as your payment provider with Veracross, please contact your account manager.

Payment Provider Configuration

Each payment provider has unique configuration parameters that must be provided by the school in order for Veracross to integrate with the provider. BlueSnap, being the Veracross preferred provider, is set up by Veracross and does not require separate configuration.


BlueSnap is the preferred Veracross provider, but is only an option if you have VC Pay. Contact your account manager to discuss the setup process.

Authorize.Net is a payment provider that can be used independently or through Diamond Mind. Authorize.Net supports:

  • Credit card
  • ACH

Configuration parameters required:

  • API Login
  • Transaction key
  • Public Client Key

Network Merchants

Network Merchants is a payment provider that can be used independently or through Diamond Mind. Network Merchants supports:

  • Credit card
  • ACH

Configuration parameters required:

  • Username
  • Password
  • API Key


Braintree is a payment provider for US, European, Australian, and Canadian merchants. Braintree supports:

  • Credit cards

Configuration parameters required:

  • Merchant ID

  • Private key

  • Public key

  • Tokenization key


Once the payment provider has been set up with Veracross, schools must test thoroughly to make sure that all procedures and transactions are functioning correctly. Testing should be performed for each of the areas that require payment, potentially including admissions/application fees, (re-)enrollment deposits, program registration charges, and others. There are two stages for testing:

  1. Test Mode: Test Mode allows a school to verify all Veracross procedures are functioning correctly prior to testing an actual payment. No live payments are made when a transaction is done in test mode.
    • When testing in Test Mode, use a “test” credit card number. These are readily available via third-party reference and may be found with a quick google search.
    • Verify all procedures for each transaction taking place when payments are made. For example, when an online application fee is paid, the following procedures should occur:
      • The application fee checklist item is automatically completed.
      • Simple receipts are created (applicable only for schools with Veracross Advanced Accounting).
  2. Live Mode: Live Mode allows schools to verify that all transactions are flowing to the correct school accounts. All test transactions are actual payments.
    • Since Live Mode tests transfer real funds, contact your Account Manager to have fees set to a lower value before performing a test.
    • Once the test transaction is done, verify that the payment has been completed successfully by reviewing both the bank account balance and the payment provider transaction log.
      • Did the right transaction occur and was it deducted from the right account?
      • Did the payment get distributed to the school accounts appropriately?