Third Party Integration Overview

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Veracross integrates with a number of third-party applications to provide a more seamless experience for the end user. By definition, integrations always involve transfer of data either to or from Veracross. Many make use of Veracross’s application program interface (API), including single sign-on (SSO) to enable data exchange “automatically” (often with a nightly script). Veracross also offers to the ability to import many different kinds of data (read more about importing data into Veracross).

Integrations that have a cost associated with them are indicated by a dollar sign ($) below. Note that integrations that are free of charge on Veracross’s end might incur fees from the other parties.

Website Integrations

Website integrations all utilize SSO and the Veracross API to push data to third parties. Veracross does not charge for these. In addition to the companies listed here, ask your Account Manager about integrating with other websites using our API.

Admissions Integrations

The following admissions integrations involve pulling data via nightly scripts from third parties into Veracross.

  • Ravenna ($). Veracross receives information from Ravenna via an API provided by Ravenna. Read more about the Ravenna integration.
  • SSAT SAO ($). The Veracross SSAT Integration module allows certain information submitted through SSAT’s Standard Application Online (SAO) to be imported into the Veracross Admissions module. This allows schools to capture applicant information in a way that is appealing to applicants but manage it from the central Veracross system so all data processing occurs in one place. Read more about integrating with SSAT SAO.

Health Integrations

LMS Integrations

  • Canvas ($). Utilizes SSO. The exports from Veracross to Canvas run nightly and make it possible for teachers to use Canvas exclusively as their LMS. Read more about integrating with Canvas.
  • Clever ($). Clever is a service for transferring school information in a secure manner from Veracross to a web application. Clever partners with about 200 third-party apps and web applications, and with this integration, those apps can easily use Veracross data. The integration involves Veracross data being sent to Clever nightly for use in various different applications. Read more about integrating with Clever.
  • Haiku. Utilizes SSO and pulls data from Veracross into Haiku.

Academic Integrations

  • Follett ($). This integration makes it seamless for parents to buy textbooks for their child(ren)’s classes straight from the Parent Portal. Read more about integrating with Follett.
  • Class A Scheduler ($). Send Veracross data to Class A Scheduler to reduce the potential of creating duplicate courses, students, and teachers. It creates the schedule and then the data is pulled back into Veracross. Note that there is no Veracross API for this integration. Read more about integrating with Class A Scheduler.

CRM Integrations

Finance Integrations

  • Odin. Using the Veracross API, Odin is presently able to pull in Student and Faculty information on an hourly basis. Learn more about inintegrating with Odin.