The Organization Constituent Record

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This article pertains to Development 3.


The constituent record — of which there are two types, household and organization — is the primary record where all constituent data is stored and accessed. From this record, a member of your Development office should be able to access anything they would need about the particular constituent. This article details how to set up your own organization constituent records and provides technical documentation on the organization constituent record.

Creating Organization Constituent Records

Constituent records are not automatically created. To create them, flag the organization roles with the "Create Constituent" flag and the system then creates the constituent records during the overnight processes.

Here are the step-by-step directions:

  1. On the Development: Configuration homepage, click the Organization Roles query .
  2. Check "Create Constituent" for the organization roles you want constituent records created for.
  3. Click Update Records.

Veracross then creates constituent records for all organizations with the selected organization roles in the overnight processes. There is no Action menu item to force the procedure to run.

Technical Documentation

There is a wide variety of information available on a constituent record. Here are a few items that are helpful to note:

  • Calculated fields: If you cannot edit the field, it is calculated, meaning that it pulls information from other areas of the system and cannot be edited.
  • Editable fields: Many fields can be directly edited. To do so, make the change and don't forget to click Update!
  • Tooltips: Many field names are underlined (e.g., Roles, Birthday, Email) have tooltips. Hover over the field name to get more information.

General Tab

The General tab provides an overview of key constituent information.

ConstituentView the record type and  Primary Dev Role, here.
Giving HistoryThis pulls from the All Gifts tab. Click More... to navigate to the All Gifts tab.
ActionsThis pulls from the Actions tab.
OrganizationView high-level information about the consituent, here. This pulls from the Organization record.
Solicitation TeamSelect a manager, staff solicitor, volunteer solicitor, and last review date, here. These values populate respective fields on opportunities, and moves management records.
Contact InfoThis pulls in basic contact information from the organization record and whether or not they are solicitable.
Constituent RatingsFor more information about setting these and the options available, please read our documentation here.
MatchingYou can define matching precentage and their maximum matching amount here. These fields are used for reporting only and are strictly informational.
Constituent TagsThis pulls from the Constituent Tags tab. Tags are similar in function to profile codes but are particular to constituent records.
NotesUse the Gift Entry Notes and Constituent Notes fields to track additional information as needed.

Other Tabs

The other tabs on a constituent record delve a little deeper into many topics only briefly mentioned on the General tab.

Constituent TagsAdd/remove constituent tags from this constituent — visible in the Constituent Tags section of the General tab. Certain default Constituent Tags are applied automatically and additional tags can be created using the Development: Configuration homepage. Additionally, constituent tags can be applied in batch via Constituent queries.
Profile CodesView profile codes of the organization on the Constituent record. Click on the link to update the organization's profile codes.
OpportunitiesView the constituent's associated opportunity records, subtotaled by the activity type of the opportunities.
SolicitorsView the constituent's opportunities and their respective solicitors.
Activity FeedView the constituent's activities with an activity date of today’s date or earlier.
Activity CalendarView a calendar of the constituent's moves management, gifts, and constituent logs.
Group EventsView all the constituent's development and non-development-related events.
ActionsManage constituent actions here — which are interactions between the development department and the constituent.  The detail query displays all actions, past and future.
  • the last and next action display the last and next action (respectively) relative to "today"
  • add an action via the Add Action... button
  • add multiple actions from a template by selecting the action template, setting a start date, and clicking Update. Add and edit templates on the Development: Configuration homepage
TasksManage constituent tasks here — which are internal processes related to the constituent. The detail query displays all actions, past and future.
  • add a task via the Add Task... button
  • add multiple tasks from a template by selecting the task template, setting a start date, and clicking Update. Add and edit templates on the Development: Configuration homepage
Constituent LogView the audit log for the constituent and associated opportunities, here.
SummaryUpdate system ratings here, which are mirrored on the General tab. The detail query shows the constituent's active configured ratings. You can read more about configured ratings here.
HistoryView the dates when this constituent's active and archived configured ratings were created. Add new ratings directly to the constituent via the Add Record... button.
FilesView the constituent's files. Upload new files via the respective Update Files... links.
This functionality currently does not work for faculty constituents, due to the lack of a Files tab on a faculty detail screen.
NotesView the constituent's development notes, defined as individual events with the development event type of "Note." Add a new note via the Add Note... link.
Gift DetailView the constituent's gifts in the detail query. Hover over underlined field names to see the tooltips defining the fields. For the fields without tooltips, it displays how much the constituent has given:
  • AF - CY Amount: to the current annual fund
  • AF - LY Amount: to the previous annual fund
  • FY - CY Amount: during the current fiscal year
  • FY - LY Amount: during the last fiscal year
PledgesView the constituent's pledges and pledge soft credits.
Matching Soft CreditsView the constituent's donation soft credits and pledge soft credits where the soft credit type is "Matching."  View the total amount at the top where this field equals total donations plus all pledge soft credits where the soft credit type = matching.
In KindView the constituent's donation and donation soft credits where the payment method is "Gift In-Kind".
StockView the constituent's donation and donation soft credits where the Payment method is "Stock".
TributesView the constituent's tributes, which are set up as a way to give gifts made in honor/memory of someone.