Term & Final Grade Calculation


This serves as an FAQ for scenarios that may arise when calculating term grades and final grades.

What is a “term grade”?

  • Semester Grade or Trimester Grade (major grading periods)
  • Not directly based off of assignments
  • Has the possibility of factoring in a term exam score
  • If using a major/minor grading period setup and using a term exam score, the grading period must be configured to use the grade term grade calculation 

What is the “assignment posted grade” (APG)?

  • stored version of the calculated grade based on assignments only
  • the exam is not factored in to the assignment posted grade
  • schools may elect to have teachers enter the APG or override it
  • the APG can be posted like regular grades using the posting menu

Where does the APG show up?

  • “Grades” tab of Teacher Portal
  • Find Grades query
  • some calculated fields in “Find Class Enrollment”

How is the normal term grade calculated?

Quarters + Semesters

  • (1 – Exam Weight) / 2 = Quarter Weight
  • (Q1 * QWeight) + (Q2 * QWeight) + (Ex * ExWeight)

Semesters Only

  • (1 – Exam Weight) = APG Weight
  • (APG * APGWeight) + (Ex * ExWeight)


  • (1 – Exam Weight) = Trimester Weight
  • (APG * APGWeight) + (Ex * ExWeight)

Quarters Only

  • (1 – Exam Weight) = Quarter Weight
  • (APG * APGWeight) + (Ex * ExWeight)

How is the “ALL” (or “Final”) grade calculated?

  • If there are no term posted grades yet, the ALL or Final grade is just an assignment average; it is the same thing as the gradebook average.
  • If there are one or more major grading periods with a posted grade, and NO exam grades, the ALL calculated grade will be a straight average all the posted grades in major grading periods. Depending on the school’s grading period configuration, typically this is a straight average of the posted Semester, Trimester, or Quarter report card grades.
  • If the class uses Final exams, then the ALL Calculated grade will be a weighted average of the Major Grading Periods Posted Grades plus the ALL Exam grade.

Are any of the calculations based on cached data?

  • YES: In a quarters + semester system; if a Q2 grade has not been entered yet, then we use a cached version of the Q2 PTD Grade
  • NO: In a Semesters only or Trimester system; we will use the real-time calculated version of the APG

In a quarters + semesters system, what if a student was only present for Q1 or Q2, not both? What is the term grade?

  • (1 – Exam Weight) = Quarter Weight
  • (Q1 * QWeight) + (Ex * ExWeight)
  • In other words, just the one quarter grade and the exam work together

In a quarters + semester system, what if the student has an “Incomplete” for Q1 or Q2? What is the term grade?

  • The term grade not be automatically calculated
  • The school/teacher must manually assign the student a semester grade

What if the exam grade hasn’t been entered yet?

  • In a quarters + semester system; the two quarters grades are evenly weighted
  • In a Semesters only or Trimester system; it is just the APG

What if we want to give an exam grade, but don’t want it to factor in to the term grade?

  • Change the “Exam Weight” to “0.00”
  • You can also change the student’s “Status” to “Exam Exempt”

How to give a student a true “zero” for an exam?

  • Must pick the grade status called “Exam No Credit”