Technical Support Team (TST)

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The Technical Support Team (TST) is a client-response service, staffed 8:30am — 5:00pm (ET) Monday through Friday. It is a Tier 1 support layer that serves as the first stop for all tickets, and the entire stop for many. The TST owns most technical issues in tickets from submission through resolution. They will communicate anticipated timelines, clarify issues and intended outcomes on the ticket, and communicate with the AM when needed. Tickets requiring account manager input are passed to the account manager, and the account manager retains all oversight of a school’s support.

The Ticket Submission Process

The TST is organized around the various product areas, with different teams responsible for the support of specific modules of the software. This allows the support team to more efficiently spot trends and provide resolutions. 

To log an issue, a ticket is submitted through the Veracross Client Portal. Depending on the support area selected, it is routed to the proper TST queue and reviewed by a TST staff member. If the question or error reported is of a technical nature, the TST will "own” the ticket through to resolution. In these cases, which represent the majority of tickets passing through the TST:

  • If the question can be answered quickly, the TST member does so. 
  • If the question requires further research, the TST member undertakes it, consulting with our engineering team, fellow TST members, and back with the school if needed, eventually providing a resolution on the ticket. 
  • If the question requires knowledge of a custom, school-specific workflow, the TST member will pass the ticket to the school's dedicated account manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does my school still have the same dedicated account manager?
    1. Yes. There is no change to the relationship with your account manager.
  2. Who staffs the TST?
    1. The TST has a separate full-time support staff.
  3. Does my workflow change for adding a request to Client Portal?
    1. No. You should continue to enter all questions, feature requests, project requests, and errors into the Client Portal as you have in the past.
  4. Is there a TST that meets during my school day in a different time zone?
    1. Currently, no. However, the TST reviews all new requests, prioritizing requests based both on security and time submitted, so that requests submitted during off hours will typically be reviewed first. 
  5. Is there a cost or monthly fee for my school using the TST?
    1. No. There is no additional cost for using the TST. However, time spent resolving requests will be counted in your monthly support hours.
  6. My school is on a capped contract, will TST time count against my hours?
    1. Yes. Time spent resolving requests will count against your monthly hours cap.
  7. Can I make a call to the TST?
    1. No, the TST is not a call center, and will only review and respond to support tickets submitted in the Client Portal. All phone calls/meetings should continue to be scheduled through your dedicated Account Manager.