Teacher Portal FAQ

How do we see the advisor dashboard on the faculty portal?

If your school has purchased the Advisor Dashboard module, then the advisor dashboard can be added to any component screen on the faculty portal.

The Faculty tab of the Portal Editor screen. The "Advisor Dashboard" option is currently highlighted.

To start, begin in the Portal Editor, which is accessible by clcking on the Edit... button next to the component screen you'd like to edit on the Component Screens tab of the relevent portal record (which can be accessed from the Portal Admin homepage). From here:

  1. Click on the green "+Add" button to open the selection menu.
  2. Once the menu is open, click on the "Faculty" tab.
  3. Select "Advisor Dashboard" from the available options.
  4. Click the green "Add Component" button in the bottom right to add the element to the selected region. 

Once the element has been added, you have the option to choose from three portal types based on the course type:

  1. Advisor
  2. Homeroom
  3. Dorm

Can I add the proper pronouns for a student so it is visible on the teacher portal?

Yes! You can add the proper pronouns for a student using our Alert feature. 

  1. Run a "Find Student" query.
  2. In the query design:
    • Add the "General Alert" and "Pronouns" fields. Tip: Quickly find the field by typing it into the top left search bar.
    • Apply additional query criteria as desired.
  3. Run the query.
  4. In the query result, update the proper pronouns for a student one at a time or in batch. Use the "Pronouns" field as reference.

Once updated, the teacher can then see the proper pronouns in the classroom portal on the student tab by hovering over the yellow exclamation point icon.

How can we display important custody notes in the faculty portal?

If you have students who have special conditions related to custody that are important to note to faculty, there are a couple ways to display it in the faculty portal:

  • Use the "Special Custody Provisions" field on the general tab of the student record in Axiom. 
    • Teachers can access: This field displays on the "Emergency" tab of the Student Profile, accessible by clicking on the student's name in the portal class roster.
  • Use one of the "Alert" fields on the "Emergency" or "Schedule - All tab" of the student record in Axiom.
    • Teachers can access: Alerts display next to students' names on the class roster in the faculty portal, and also on the Student Profile, accessed by clicking on the student's name in the class roster. 

What can a sub see in the faculty portal when they are assigned to a teacher's class for the day?

When you assign a substitute to a teacher's classes (if you have the Employment module, via their faculty attendance detail record, and if you don't, then by manually adding them to the Permissions tab of the class record), the sub has access to the classes in the Faculty portal as well as class assignments and the gradebook. In other words, the substitute has full teacher access in the portal to the classes they are a sub for on the day(s) they are a sub. Ensure that the sub has a Veracross user account and a Faculty security role otherwise they won't be able to login to the portal.

How do I get the Report Card viewer to show up in the gradebook on the teacher portal?

In order for the report card viewer to appear in the gradebook in the teacher portal, the Academic Documents for the grading periods need to be filtered and included on the teacher portal. You can se this up by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Academic Documents homepage and select the current grading period's academic document.
  2. Follow the steps in this article to set up filters for the document
  3. Before confirming filters, make sure that the Yes/No flag for Include In Faculty Portal is set to "Yes"
  4. You should now see the document on the teacher portal!

How do I add the Faculty Daily Schedule to the Teacher Portal?

To add the Faculty Daily Schedule to the Faculty Portal, add a portal component (button or banner) to the Teacher Portal with the system screen link of:


To learn more about configuring your Portals, we recommend you review our documentation on Portal Configuration.

Why isn't the assignment dropbox available in the portal for a teacher?

The 'Assignment Dropbox Method' field determines whether or not an assignment dropbox is enabled for a class.

In order for a teacher to utilize the assignment dropbox in the portal, it must first be enabled in Axiom. You can enable this feature by performing the following steps:

  1. From the System homepage, click on the Review Class Configuration query (under the Academics header).
  2. Query on the particular class and scroll right to find the 'Assignment Dropbox Method' field.
    • Enabled means that the dropbox is turned on for the class
    • Disabled means that the dropbox isn't turned on for the class.
  3. Click Update Records if you adjusted any values.

Can teachers edit queries that are published in the Faculty portal?

Queries cannot be directly edited through Portals, however, there are some workarounds. There are two ways to share queries via the Faculty portal:

  • Publishing: Publishing a query to the Faculty portal makes the results of the query available. You can read more about this in documentation here.
  • Linking to Axiom: You can also provide a link to the actual query in Axiom. While most schools generally prefer to just publish results in the Faculty portal, this option may be useful if teachers may need/want to adjust the design of the query themselves.

What does the heart next to a student's name mean?

The heart icon is an indicator in the gradebook that a student has a Medical Alert Record.  As long as the person has a medical alert record, the icon will always be displayed next to their name in the teacher portal.

This icon cannot be configured to not appear.  Please consult with your Account Manager to discuss a potential enhancement should you wish to have this functionality removed.

Why does a student withdrew from our school still appear in the teacher portal?

This is expected behavior. When a student withdraws from school mid-year, you can expect the following:

  • The student is automatically given the role of “Former Student” once the Exit Date passes.
  • The former student disappears from the Gradebook and Attendance tabs of the LMS 10 days after the Exit Date to give teachers time to enter grades for outstanding work.
  • The class remains on the report card and transcript (by default).
  • The student remains on the Grades and Comments section.

If you do not want to issue a report card or transcript for a student who withdrew from your school, perform the following steps:

  1. Toggle the Exclude From Report Card and Exclude From Transcript fields to YES on the class enrollment record.
  2. Click Update.

To learn more about this process, we recommend you read the Withdrawing a Student from the School article in Learn Veracross.

Can the Alert icons be hidden from showing up in the Faculty Portal?

The Academic, General, Medical, and Family Alert icons cannot be hidden from showing on the Faculty Portal if the child has text in the specified Alert field.

These Alert icons are designed to show certain important pieces of information to the teachers that they aren't able to see on the Axiom side.

You can learn more about alerts by reading our documentation on the topic.

How can I update my rotations in the Faculty Portal after switching to a new one?

To finalize changes to which rotations are currently active in the system, you must manually assign which Primary Rotation is currently being used for each school level in the School Levels query on the System homepage.

Once you have selected which Primary Rotation to use for each level, simply save your changes and the schedules should immediately reflect the current selected configuration.

Where are student bus schedules displayed in the faculty portal?

Bus schedules are displayed on the Today tab of the Student Profile. The Student Profile is accessed by clicking the student's name on the Student tab once a teacher clicks into the class. 

The Transportation tab of the Student Profile contains data from the Other tab on the student record in Axiom.

How can we display class schedules on the All Classes list in the teacher portal?

Class schedules can be viewed from the All Classes list when the cursor is hovered over the class name.

So that the current schedule displays, be sure that the Active Grading Period parameter is set to the current grading period. The Active Grading Period parameter can be found on the System homepage, under System Configuration.

Why is a faculty schedule document showing the incorrect rotation/school days?

If a faculty schedule document is showing incorrect rotations or school days, it is likely because the faculty member has the incorrect primary school level assigned to them. The default rotation showing for a faculty member’s schedule document is based on the “Primary School Level” defined for the faculty member on the HR tab of their person record (can also be seen in a Find Staff/Faculty query).

The primary rotation for a school level is defined in the School Levels query, located in the Configuration Section of the System Homepage.

To change the default rotation displaying on a Faculty member’s schedule document, you can update their Primary School Level manually on the HR tab of their person record. You can also update their Faculty Type, or the Faculty Type’s associated school level, and the system nightly scripts will update and refresh the Faculty’s Primary School Level based on that data.

How can I hide a class from the portal?

To hide a class from a teacher, parent or student portal, perform the following steps to hide a single class:

  1. Navigate to the Permissions tab of the class record (available from the Find Classes query on the System homepage)
  2. Adjust the Teacher Portal Visibility, Parent Portal Visibility or Student Portal Visibility field to "Hide".
  3. Click Update.

To batch update visibility across multiple classes:

  1. From the System homepage, navigate to the Find Class Permissions query.
  2. If you want to update parent or student portal visibility, first pull the relevent fields into the query.
  3. After running the query, run the Batch Update Records procedure from the Action menu.
  4. Select the relevent field and choose to batch update it to "Hide".
  5. Run the Batch Update Records procedure.

How do I get my school's report cards/progress reports to appear on the Grades & Comments tab?

On the Grades & Comments tab, a teacher can view any progress report/report card for one of their students by doing the following:

  1. Selecting the student on the left side.
  2. Click the drop-down icon of the same name. 
  3. Selecting the document in question.

To get the document to appear on the Grades & Comments tab, the school needs to go to the Academic Document record for the specific document they would like to view on that tab and run the Confirm Filters procedure from the Action Menu. Please note that this procedure will follow your Default Publishing Status that is set on the Configuration Tab under the Publishing Prep category of the Academic Document record.  Also noted that this procedure should only be used after the record has been configured to your school’s preferences, the Refresh Filters procedure has been run, and any record mismatches have been cleared.