System Screens

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There are a number of system screens which may be added to portals. This article catalogs all of them and includes the shortcut link. See this article for a full list of portal shortcut links.

General Screens


Displays a full-page screen of a user’s messages. Read more about Messages.



School Calendar

Read more about  Calendars Overview and iCal feeds.

Link: {system:calendar:school}

Athletic Calendar

Athletic calendars display events related to athletic group events. Read more about what displays on athletic calendars.

Link: {system:calendar:athletic}

Birthday Calendars

Birthday calendars display birthdays with “Display Birthday” flagged on a person record. Read more about what displays on birthday calendars.

Link: {system:calendar:birthday}

Calendar Subscriptions

Read more bout iCal feeds and subscriptions.


{system:calendar_subscriptions_mine} {system:calendar_subscriptions_school}

Student Directory

Link: {system:directory_type:students}

Household Directory

Link: {system:directory_type:households}

Faculty/Staff Directory

Link:  {system:directory_type:faculty-staff}

Household Profile Update (HPU)

The Veracross Household Profile Update (HPU) system allows schools to create multiple household update forms according to specific contexts within the database. Read more about the HPU. HPU forms are currently supported in the Parent Portal, Teacher Portal, and Alumni Content Portal.


Parent Screens

Household Calendar

Parents can view a calendar with all events pertaining to people in their household.

Link: {system:calendar:household}

School Policies

School policies represent any non-contractual agreements, permissions, or stated intention between a school and students/parents. Read more about school policies.

Link: {system:family_profile_policies}

Household Health Profile

Parents can view their children’s health information directly in their Parent Portal. Read more about configuring the Health Information Document.

Link: {system:family_profile_medical}

Household Invoices

Parents can view invoices directly on their portal. Read more about reviewing invoices on the Parent Portal.

Link: {system:invoices}

Logistics Requests

Parents can make various logistics requests, e.g., regarding attendance and transportation, directly on their portal. Read more about Logistics Requests.

Link: {system:logistics_request}

PTC Registration

The Parent/Teacher Conference module allows parents to sign-up online for teacher conferences in the Veracross Parent Portal. Read more about PTC signup.

Link: {system:teacher_conferences}

Teacher Screens

Faculty Calendar

Link: {system:calendar:faculty}

Faculty Daily Schedule

Link: {system:faculty_daily_schedule}

Faculty Schedule Document

Displays the schedule document for faculty.

Link: {system:faculty_schedule}

Resource Reservations

The Resource Reservation app allows faculty to request resources (rooms, equipment, and more) directly from their Teacher Portal. Read more about resource reservation.

Link: {system:resource_reservations}

Exam Calendar

Link: {system:calendar:exam}

Assignment Planner

Link: {system:faculty_planner}




Class Setup

Link: {system:class_setup}

Add Behavior/Comment

Link: N/A (the button pops up the entry screen and must be inserted as a component)

Review Grades

This system screen refers to the current Grade Review system, not Grades & Comments Review 2.0 that will be available in Beta form during the 17-18 school year.

Link: {system:grade_review}

Parent/Teacher Conferences

This system screen is a direct link to a teacher’s PT Conference schedule.

Link: {system:teacher_conference_schedule}

Student Screens

Student Calendar

Link: {system:calendar:student}

Assignment Planner

Link: forthcoming

Daily Schedule

View a student’s full schedule, including events and transportation arrangements. Read more about the Daily Schedule.

Link: {system:daily_schedule}

Student Schedule Document

View the student schedule document.

Link: {system:student_schedule}

Recent Updates

View recent updates, with the option to show different types of information on the Configuration tab of the Portal detail screen.

Link: {system:recent_updates}