Student Profile

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The Student Profile is a convenient way for faculty members to view basic information about their students in the teacher portal.  It is a small pop-up window that is found by clicking on a student’s name in a class roster.  It contains contact information about students and their parents, as well as emergency, medical, attendance, and class schedule information.

The Student Profile features four tabs, or pages: “Profile”, “Emergency”, “Today”, and “Classes”. A “Notifications” tab is also available through activating the Advisor Portal. More information on this can be found here. No matter what page you’re on, the Student Profile displays the student’s current location, master attendance information, and any attendance notes. Teachers may also easily click “View Schedule” and be brought to a page containing the student’s entire schedule.

“Profile” Pageprofile_icon

 The profile page is broken into four sections: General, Family, Profile Codes and Transportation.

1. The General section contains the most basic information about the student.

  • The “Contact Information” section displays the student’s email, home phone, mobile phone, birthday, age and address if this information has been entered into the system.
  • The “Classification” section contains a resident status if applicable, as well as homeroom information, the student’s advisor and locker number.
  • The “Parents” section contains parent email addresses and phone numbers. Clicking “Email Parents” allows the teacher to email both parents at once. (This will open the teacher’s default mail client. The “Email Parents” option only emails parents who have custody — it doesn’t reflect the General Correspondence flag). Teachers are able to use email merge fields because a group distribution list is used to contact both parents.
  • The “Activities” section lists extracurricular activities the student may be involved. These include classes of type “Athletic”, “Other Program”, or “Extended Care.”

Note: Clicking on an email address will open the teacher’s default mail client. The email address will be populated into the To field.

2. The Family section displays basic contact information for other students, siblings or other family members other than the students parents, that reside in the same household as the student.

3. The Profile Codes section simply displays any profile codes attached to the student’s record. To read more on profile codes please view the documentation here.

4. The Transportation section displays relevant information populated from the student record’s transportation tab, e.g. bus number, bus route, and days and times the student will be taking that bus.


“Emergency” Pageemergency_icon

The “Medical” section contains essential information from the Student Record Emergency tab: allergies/symptoms, current medications, blood type, medical notes, special custody provisions, whether custody papers are required, the student’s medical insurer, and medical ID. Allergies appear in red font as a special way to catch a teacher’s attention.

The “Emergency Contacts” section only contains the people on the student’s record who are marked as either an emergency contact OR marked as authorized to pick-up the student.

“Today” Pagetoday_icon 

The “Today” page contains more detailed attendance information about the student for today. Specifically, master attendance information is listed at the top, under today’s date, with the attendance status. If there are notes populated in the attendance notes field, these will also show. As shown in the example to the right, “swim meet” is what is written in the attendance notes field, and refers to an athletic event. If the student has class attendance records for that day, these will show below the master attendance section. The class, teacher, time, and attendance status will display here.

Attendance Overview

Inside the Today page there is a button called “Attendance Overview.” This allows faculty to have a more high level view of the students overall attendance information for the year. The top section breaks down attendance information per quarter. Each of these quarters also has a link to a very detailed attendance report for that student for that quarter.

Read more about master and class attendance.

Read more about “Where Is Student Now?” feature (displayed as “Current Location”).

“Classes” Pageclasses_icon

The “Classes” page displays the student’s active classes for the current grading period. The class ID is displayed before the class description. Below this is the teacher’s name with a link to email him or her. Teachers may also easily email all the student’s teachers by clicking on the button on the top right of the page. The block schedule for the class is also displayed on the far right.

Once again a “Notifications” page is also available through activating the Advisor Portal. More information on this can be found here. If you have any further questions about the Student Profile please feel free to contact your account manager.