Student Life FAQ

Will marking a student group as "Obsolete" remove students from that group?

No, designating a student group as "Obsolete" does not remove students from that group; in fact, it causes the data to appear messy by listing the group ID in the student's groups! You should always remove students from a student group before marking the student group "Obsolete".

How do I show athletic meeting locations in a query?

When querying on where athletics are meeting, it is important to understand that, in Veracross, athletics are set up the same way regular classes are. The location for an athletic practice would be the same place a class would meet — a room.

To query on athletic meeting locations, perform the following steps:

  • Begin from any Find Class query.
  • Set the Course Type criteria to be "is" Athletic Program.
  • Pull the Room field into the query and ensure that it is visible.
  • Run the query.

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Why are athletic events not appearing in athletic pages/calendars?

The issue likely stems from the event type — only events with the following event types are displayed on the athletic calendar:

  • Game
  • Practice
  • Scrimmage
  • Tournament
  • Game/Multi-Opponent
  • Athletics: Other

If an event is marked as 'All-School Events' for example, it won't display on the athletics calendar. If you are not seeing athletic events on the athletics calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Calendars homepage and run a Find Group Events query.
  2. Search for the event(s) and click them.
  3. Check the "Event Type" field and update to one of the above.

What determines whether someone appears in the person dropdown for the covid screening page?

Whether or not someone displays in the person drop-down menu for the COVID screen page is based on the portal type:

  • If Parent Portal, then children who have "Student roles" appear
  • If Teacher Portal or Employee Portal, then self & spouse if spouse is Fac/Staff

Who can view data stored on medical visit records?

The Medical_1, Medical_2, or SysAdmin security role is required to view data stored on medical visit records. 

Important Notes About COVID-19 Medical Visits:

  • Important Note: Users with the COVID19_Screening_ADMIN security role have access to data that is stored in medical visit records with the purpose of COVID-19 Screening. 
  • The COVID-19 screening forms submit data to Medical Visit records with the Visit Purpose set to "Covid-19 Screening."
  • But COVID19_Screening_ADMIN do NOT have access to any data on Medical_Visit records where the visit purpose is anything other than "Covid-19 Screening."

How do we access and configure the Emergency Profile document?

The Emergency Profile Document can be accessed from the Health homepage and — under the Other heading — click the "Emergency Profile" link.

You can configure the emergency profile document on the Parameters tab of the  Emergency Profile configurable document record.

To configure the emergency profile document:

  1. Navigate to the Documents homepage and — under Configured Documents — click the "Emergency Profile" link. It is here that you can configure the document's parameters.

What is the purpose of the "Copy Schedule" field on transportation schedule records?

The Copy Schedule field on the person transportation schedule record is used for transitioning from one school year to the next. There are three options to set this field as:

  • No, do not copy = This is the field’s default value.
  • Yes, to be copied = By setting the field to this value, a new record is automatically created with all of the same information but for the next school year.
  • Copy Complete = After the record is created, it switches the original record to this value. This indicates that this record has already been copied for the next school year.

You can find additional details about this field and the data copied over in this documentation article. 

How should we track student immunizations in Axiom?

You can track this information using the person immunization records in the Health module. You can add a new immunization record directly from the Health homepage using either 'Add' link in the screenshot above. 

Once an immunization is added, it displays on the Immunization tab on the student's medical detail screen. You can read additional information about managing student immunizations here.

Why don't I get any results when using the "Assistant Coach" field in the Find Teams query?

The Assistant Coach field only looks at the primary assistant coach assigned to the team detail record on the general tab, so if no one is designated as the Primary Assistant Coach, criteria on this field will return no results. To look at all people who are designated as assistant coaches, use the Assistant Coaches field instead and set the criteria to “contains" to filter your results.

Can I use the Class Data Import Type to add new sports teams?

Yes, the Class Data importer can be used to create athletic teams!

  1. Use the import template to create the teams.
    1. Ensure that you include all required information
  2. Import the template using the Veracross Importer.
  3. Verify the teams were added by querying from the Athletic Programs homepage.

How can I find which students belong to which dorm?

The "Course Type" on this Class Enrollment query is set to "is one of" Dorm.

Dorm assignments are recorded in our system in the same way that student enrollments are recorded. To search for any year’s dormitory assignments, you can run a Find Class Enrollment query where the course type is set to “Dorm.”

What is the best way to enter volunteer hours?

To add volunteer hours to a person, begin from their person record and perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the Vol. Hours tab. On this tab, you can use the drop down to indicate the date the person volunteered, the Job Category and the hours that were completed.
  2. You can add the Approved checkbox to your workflow as a way to indicate that the person has been approved to volunteer for those hours.
  3. Click Update.
    • Once this information is entered and updated, the PTD Volunteer Hours, Total Volunteer Hours and Volunteer Tenure fields re-populate.

How do I assign a job to a volunteer?

To assign a job to a volunteer, start from their person record and perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the Vol. Jobs tab.
  2. Select the job in the left column, expanding categories as necessary, and click on the job you want to add to the person record so that it appears in the right column.
  3. Once you've added all the volunteer jobs to the record that you want to, click the Update button.

What is the Health Kiosk?

The Health Kiosk is a platform that provides an easy way for students to check themselves in for a medical visit. It creates a new medical visit record, populated with the student’s name, basic symptom, and a text description. The Health Kiosk is typically set up on a dedicated computer in the Health Office at a school. Medical visits entered via the Kiosk can be viewed by the nurse and other health professionals via the New Health Kiosk Visits and Upcoming Visits queries on the Health homepage.

How can I add Volunteer categories?

Volunteer categories can be added in one of two places on the Volunteer Coordinator homepage:

  • By clicking on the ‘+Add a Volunteer Job Category’ link in the Volunteer Configuration section
  • By using the ‘+Add’ dropdown menu at the top right.

How can I configure volunteer information?

Links to facilitate high level configuration for the Volunteer Coordinator module can be found in the bottom left corner of the Volunteer Coordinator homepage in the ‘Volunteer Configuration’ section. This section allows you to add new volunteer jobs and job categories, while also adding checklist items related to volunteer hours.

Why isn’t the team practice calendar populated if the practice schedule has been populated to the team detail record?

The Practice Schedule tab on the team detail record is used to populate the athletic schedule document and appear on the faculty portal so coaches can take attendance.

Because the Practice Calendar is group event-based, to get the practice schedule to populate to the team practice calendar, you need to create individual group events for each team’s practice schedule.

You can either create these events manually or use the Athletic Events Import Type to batch add events for all teams.

How can we change how the system flags students as either major or minor academic concerns?

Changing how the system calculates academic concerns requires the assistance of Veracross engineers. If you wish to adjust the criteria for academic concern, please submit a ticket through our client support portal to begin this process. 

You can learn more about Academic Concern configuration options in this documentation article.

What are the Academic Concern queries (Major and Minor) on the Upper School homepage?

Within the Academic Reports section of the Upper School homepage, you can find two Academic Concern queries: Major and Minor. If you run these queries, students who have been flagged as either major or minor academic concerns appear in the results. 

The standard Academic Concern configuration is as follows:

  • Major - Average grade is below a 70
  • Minor - At least one posted grade is below a 70

This means that the system will flag students as either a major or minor academic concern if they meet one of the criteria listed above. To change this logic (or to find out if you already have altered this default configuration), please submit a ticket on our client support portal.

You can read more about Academic Concerns in this documentation article.

Is the Guidance module an extra cost module?

The Guidance module is included as a part of Veracross's Core Academics and is not a separate extra-cost module.

To learn more about the Guidance module, we recommend you review our documentation on the subject.

What security role(s) allow a user to delete course requests?

To delete student course requests from Veracross, you must have one of the following security roles:

  • Division_Head_1
  • Division_Head_2
  • Division_Head_3
  • SysAdmin_1

More information about the various security roles — including the "Division Head" permissions highlighted above — can be found in this article in Learn Veracross.

Why can't I update a student's locker number?

When updating Locker information on a student record, you need to either use the magnifying glass and search for the locker or hit 'Tab' after entering in the locker number in order for the 'Advanced Search' window to open. This is because the locker number isn't just a numeric value; it's an entire record that stores information such as:

  • Locker Number
  • Lock Numer
  • Location
  • Combination

Because of this, simply entering in a locker number and clicking 'Update' does not work.

Once selecting a locker using the Advanced Search window, click 'Update' to save your changes.