Student Life FAQ

Will marking a student group as "Obsolete" remove students from that group?

No, designating a student group as "Obsolete" does not remove students from that group; in fact, it causes the data to appear messy by listing the group ID in the student's groups! You should always remove students from a student group before marking the student group "Obsolete".

How do I show athletic meeting locations in a query?

When querying on where athletics are meeting, it is important to understand that, in Veracross, athletics are set up the same way regular classes are. The location for an athletic practice would be the same place a class would meet — a room.

To query on athletic meeting locations, perform the following steps:

  • Begin from any Find Class query.
  • Set the Course Type criteria to be "is" Athletic Program.
  • Pull the Room field into the query and ensure that it is visible.
  • Run the query.

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Why are athletic events not appearing in athletic pages/calendars?

The issue likely stems from the event type — only events with the following event types are displayed on the athletic calendar:

  • Game
  • Practice
  • Scrimmage
  • Tournament
  • Game/Multi-Opponent
  • Athletics: Other

If an event is marked as 'All-School Events' for example, it won't display on the athletics calendar. If you are not seeing athletic events on the athletics calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Calendars homepage and run a Find Group Events query.
  2. Search for the event(s) and click them.
  3. Check the "Event Type" field and update to one of the above. 

What determines whether someone appears in the person dropdown for the covid screening page?

Whether or not someon displays in the person drop-down menu for the COVID screen page is based on the portal type:

  • If Parent Portal, then children who have "Student roles" appear
  • If Teacher Portal or Employee Portal, then self & spouse if spouse is Fac/Staff

Who can view data stored on medical visit records?

The Medical_1, Medical_2, or SysAdmin security role is required to view data stored on medical visit records. 

Important Notes About COVID-19 Medical Visits:

  • Important Note: Users with the COVID19_Screening_ADMIN security role have access to data that is stored in medical visit records with the purpose of COVID-19 Screening. 
  • The COVID-19 screening forms submit data to Medical Visit records with the Visit Purpose set to "Covid-19 Screening."
  • But COVID19_Screening_ADMIN do NOT have access to any data on Medical_Visit records where the visit purpose is anything other than "Covid-19 Screening."

How do we access and configure the Emergency Profile document?

The Emergency Profile Document can be accessed from the Health homepage and — under the Other heading — click the "Emergency Profile" link.

You can configure the emergency profile document on the Parameters tab of the  Emergency Profile configurable document record.

To configure the emergency profile document:

  1. Navigate to the Documents homepage and — under Configured Documents — click the "Emergency Profile" link. It is here that you can configure the document's parameters.