Student Life

Webinar: Honoring Your 2020 Graduates: Stories of Virtual Graduation Plans, Creative Grading, and Celebration of Achievement

05/12/2020David Kopchick
Schools have been forced to adopt creative solutions for the class of 2020. Whether this be pivoting to pass/fail, highlighting them through social media campaigns, or hosting commencement virtually, every school is being forced to rethink their graduation processes.

Webinar: Veracross Transportation

09/11/2019David Kopchick
The Veracross transportation module provides schools with a way to manage their daily to-and-from school busing system. In addition, it allows parents to request changes to normal busing directly in the parent portal. This webinar recordi...

Webinar: Veracross Athletics

09/11/2019David Kopchick
The Veracross Athletics Module has all the features you need to track team rosters, game and practice schedules, event logistics, and more. This video will highlight the features that make up the Athletics Module, while also pointing out ...

Webinar: Veracross Health Module

09/11/2019David Kopchick
The Veracross Health Module makes it possible to track visits to the health center, medications, immunizations, medical conditions, and more. This webinar recording showcases the feature set available to schools who use Veracross Health. ...