Student Course Enrollment Document

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The Student Course Enrollment document displays a list of all academic courses based on the student’s enrollment for the school year specified on the “active schedule year” system parameter. All academic courses in which the student is scheduled are displayed by Course ID and Course Description. This document excludes additional course information such as teacher, section, meeting times, advisor, etc. to allow for easy browsing of the student’s course enrollment.

The document is broken into courses students are enrolled in all year and courses students are enrolled in per grading period.Multiple grading period groups will display on the document if students are enrolled in courses that take place during different grading periods (e.g. semesters and quarters).

Administrator Access

Student Course Enrollment documents are available to schools from the Other section on the Documents homepage. Clicking on the “School Course Enrollment” link will open Veracross Documents from which schools can search for an individual student’s course enrollment documents.

Parent and Student Access

Course Enrollment documents are made available to parents and students through the Grade Level configuration link under the General section on the System homepage. Select the “Enrollment Document” flag to enable a link to the document on the Parent and Student portals for the selected grade levels.

For students, the document will tell them which courses they are currently enrolled in for the active schedule year. For parents, each child in a grade level configured to display course enrollment documents has a link to the document under their “Class Schedule” link.