Starting Re-Enrollment for Students

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Schools typically start the re-enrollment cycle between December and March. Prior to starting a new re-enrollment cycle, a student’s enrollment status reflects his/her status as it pertains to the current school year (i.e., either “Re-Enrolled” for students who were enrolled last year or “Newly Enrolled” for students who are new this year). Upon starting a new re-enrollment cycle, all student enrollment statuses are reset to “Pending Re-Enrollment.”

Before you run the “Start Re-enrollment” procedure, make sure all re-enrollment checklist items are configured properly for this spring’s re-enrollment process. Add any checklist items that might be missing, or mark checklist items that no longer apply as “Obsolete.” Be sure to update due dates and double check the required status for each item.

The 'Start Re-Enrollment' procedure does not carry over 'Student Groups' from one year to the next, and schools must manually update the 'Student Group Applying For' value after the 'Start Re-Enrollment' procedure has been executed for all Re-enrolling students.

Updated Data

To start re-enrollment, simply click “Start Re-Enrollment” from the Online Enrollment homepage. The following is a list of changes that are made as a result of running this procedure.

Enrollment Year (Year Applying For) and Grade Level (Grade Applying For) Incremented

The fields “Enrollment Year” and “Grade Level” are incremented for all students except those who newly enrolled within the last 30 days. This means any current students will have their “Enrollment Year” updated to the next school year and their “Grade Level” updated to their next grade level up. Any students who will be graduating at the end of the current year will have their “Enrollment Year” and “Grade Level” reset to “None”. However, any new students who recently applied and were accepted to the school within the last 30 days will not have their “Enrollment Year” and “Grade Level” automatically updated. This must be done manually by the school when it is ready to send re-enrollment material to the new students.

IMPORTANT: Some schools have grade levels that do not allow re-enrollment. In such cases relevant students’ “Enrollment Year” and “Grade Level” will not be updated to the next year and grade level. For example, some schools with Pre-K programs do not let Pre-K students automatically re-enroll into Kindergarten; they must submit an Admissions Application and go through the entire Admissions process a second time. In this case, the Pre-K students will not have their “Enrollment Year” or “Grade Level” automatically updated.

Enrollment Checklist

Re-Enrollment checklist-item records are created based on a student’s “Grade Level” (Grade Applying For) and “Resident Status” (if applicable).

Re-Enrollment Reference Date and Active Admissions Year System Parameters Updated

The system parameter “Re-Enrollment Reference Date” is updated to the current date. This parameter determines two things:

  1. Whether a new re-enrollment cycle has been started.
  2. Whether a student has “Withdrawn Prior to Re-Enrollment” or “Withdrawn After Re-Enrollment” on the “Re-Enrollment Summary” report. Students who withdrew before the Re-Enrollment Reference Date are considered to have withdrawn prior to re-enrollment. Students who withdrew after the Re-Enrollment Reference Date are considered to have withdrawn after re-enrollment.

The system parameter “Active Admissions Year” is updated to the next school year.

Enrollment Statuses Updated to “Pending Re-Enrollment”

All student “Enrollment Status” fields are updated to “Pending Re-Enrollment.”

School Policy Forms Copied Forward

For schools using Veracross’ Online Re-enrollment module, prior year Enrollment/Re-Enrollment school policy forms, policy form categories, and policies will be automatically copied to the next year, thereby reducing data entry. After running the procedure, schools should then manually adjust policy form categories and policies as desired.

Managing Enrollment

After re-enrollment has been initialized, re-enrollment can be managed by updating the Enrollment Checklist for each student and viewing the results using the “Re-Enrollment Summary” report.  If you are interested in implementing Online Re-Enrollment, which allows parents to complete most, if not all, re-enrollment steps online, please contact your account manager.