Splitting Student Charges in Batch

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Step 3 of the AR Invoice Cycle

  1. On the Student Billing homepage, run the Charges Awaiting Split report and review the results.
  2. If all looks good, click on the Process Existing Charges link under the Charge/AR Processing section on the Student Billing homepage.
  3. Select Option Code 2, Split Installment Items.
  4. Specify a School Year
  5. Specify an Invoice Type
  6. Click Add Process Existing Charges (this step prepares the charge items to be split into installments).
  7. Next, click on the Actions button and select the Process Existing Charges action (this step actually splits the charge items into installments).  
  8. Run the Unposted Student Charge report to verify the charges have been split.  Note:  you’ll likely need to specify criteria that will limit the report results to only those transactions you just created (e.g.  Input Date and/or Input User as criteria).   You  should notice that all charges initially presented in the report from step #1 above have been replaced with two or more installments; but with grand total amounts that are equal.

Step 4: Mark Charges Ready to Invoice (Batch)

Step 5: Add PCI’s to AR Invoices (Batch)

Step 6: Post AR Invoices

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