Solicitor Portal (Legacy)


The Veracross Solicitor Portal allows school solicitors to log into Veracross to see information on specific constituents, update information, track progress on the campaign, and download resources. Each solicitor is assigned a group of constituents for which they are in charge of contacting to solicit money for the school campaign. Below is a summary of each function within the solicitor portal.

Each solicitor is in charge of a group of people organized together in a solicitation group. Solicitors can view their group information and the status of giving within their group as a whole. (Note: Solicitors can be responsible for multiple solicitation groups). Solicitors can also find contact information and target giving amounts for each constituent household in the solicitation group, as well as track and update the progress of each constituent’s giving status.

When solicitors contact their constituents and talk with them about donating, they can track all their communications in the solicitor portal. Solicitors are responsible for updating three fields for each of their constituents:

  • Communication Status: Solicitors can use the following statuses to track communication with their constituents: Not Contacted, Contacted/Solicitor to Follow-up, Requires Staff Follow-up, Complete
  • Giving Status: Solicitors can use the following statuses to track the giving status of their constituents: Refused, Soft Commitment, Hard Commitment
  • Notes: Each time a Solicitor updates a status field, notes should be entered describing the reason for the update

To make changes to the record, the solicitor has the option of updating the Communication Status and Giving Status directly from the solicitation group detail, or the solicitor can update all three fields by clicking into the constituent’s record. To open the constituent record, navigate to the far right side of the solicitation group detail screen and click on the expansion icon for the row in question.

After the solicitor clicks “Update” on the constituent detail, an email is sent to a designated development officer with all changes made to the status and notes fields to report the solicitor’s progress.

Once the development officer has received the updated information, he or she can either add gifts or follow up as needed.