Receipt Importing

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This article details how to import simple receipts using the Veracross Importer tool.

Enter the Data into the Simple Receipt Template

  1. Navigate to the Import Processing homepage, select Invoke Importer and log in.
  2. Select New Data Import.
  3. Select Accounting: Receipt Import and download the Accounting: Receipt CSV template.
  4. Enter the Receipt data into the import template (see sample template and field definitions below).
  5. Save the CSV file to your computer and specify a file name that identifies the contents or purpose for the file.

Field Definitions

  • Household:  Household name. Text. Optional. This is helpful but not required for household payments (see next field).
  • VX_Household_id:  Household ID number from Veracross. Required if this payment is paying a household invoice.
  • paying_person:  Paying person name. Text. Optional. If the payor is being recorded (see next field), supplying a name can assist with import validation. 
  • vx_paying_person_id:  Person ID number from Veracross. Required. If you do not know the actual paying person ID you can fill the same value as the apply-to person as a workaround.  
  • apply_to_person:  Apply to Person’s name. Text. Optional, can be helpful for manual validation review. 
  • vx_apply_to_person_id:  Apply to Person’s ID number from Veracross. Required if not paying a Household invoice.  
  • receipt_date:  Date of receipt. Required. Typical format mm/dd/yyyy
  • receipt_type:  Type of receipt. Required. Text should match receipt types in your database. The precise list for your school may be unique. Most common values are: Check, Credit card, Cash, but there may be other values as well. 
  • receipt_category:  Category of receipt. Text. Optional, but strongly recommended. If you leave this blank, you will review in validation. "Deposit" has special function and is treated as a prepayment, often booked in deferred revenue. 
  • amount:  Amount of receipt. Numeric. Required.
  • description:  description of receipt payment. Text. Optional. 
  • school_year:  4 digit number representing the school year of receipt. Required. Example: "2021" is the 2021-2022 year. 
  • catalog_item:  catalog item ID from Veracross (optional). Used when a receipt is paying a specific charge. If left blank, the receipt will apply to the invoice following catalog payment order against the oldest outstanding charges. 
  • Check_number:  Check Number. Text (alphanumeric.) Optional
  • cash_gl_account:  Cash GL Account associated with receipt. Optional. If left blank, you'll review in validation. 
  • cr_gl_account:  CR GL Account associated with receipt. Optional. If left blank, you'll review in validation. 

Load the Receipt Template into the Database

  1. Navigate to the Import Processing homepage, select Invoke Importer and log in.
  2. Select New Data Import.
  3. Select Accounting: Receipt Import.
  4. Select the Choose File option, and locate and select the template file saved in the process documented above.
  5. Click Import button to load the template data into the Veracross database.

Validate the Receipt Data

After the raw data has been loaded into Veracross, it must be validated to ensure that all required information was provided in conformity with Veracross standards.

  1. On the Import Processing homepage, under the AR/Billing Importers section, review the Unprocessed receipts and Invalid Receipts Report. If there are receipts in these reports, this signifies some information needs to be updated.
  2. Update the information accordingly. 
  3. Once updates have been made, in the Processing section, click on Receipt Import Processing.
  4. Choose Import Option – Validate Receipts.
  5. Click Add Receipt Import Processing.
  6. Re-run the Validate/Process Receipt Import to see the processing status change to Validated and move to the "Receipts Ready to Import" report. 

Create the Receipts

This process will create the Simple Receipt based off of each row in the imported CSV file.

  1. If all receipts have been validated, In the Processing section, click on Receipt Import Processing.
  2. Choose Import Option – Import Receipts.
  3. Click Add Receipt Import Processing.

View the uploaded Receipts in your Unposted Simple Receipt Header Listing report.

Possible Errors

  • If the Receipt Type of "FACTS" is chosen, all Student's will need an Agreement Number populated on their Finance Tab.  Otherwise, an error message will be received and the receipts may not be imported.