Should I delete generated attendance records after adding a ‘No School’ event for a snow day?

After adding a "No School" event for a snow day, you may be wondering what to do about all the attendance records that were generated seven days prior. This depends on whether the snow day was scheduled in advance (e.g., you are anticipating a huge storm tomorrow and are cancelling school preemptively) or you are cancelling school and creating the "Now School" event on the day of.

If you are cancelling school with a "No School" event on the day of, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Attendance homepage, open the Master Attendance query and filter the query results to display all master attendance records for today (the snow day).
  2. From the Action Menu in the results, run the ‘Batch Delete Records’ procedure to remove all the master attendance records.

If you cancel school via a "No School" event and the nightly scripts run prior to the day that is cancelled, those attendance records are automatically deleted in the overnight scripts, so no further actions on your part are necessary.