Setting the Active Grading Period

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The Active Grading Period parameter is a system setting that will need to be updated each time a grading period change occurs. The parameter affects a number of grade-related areas across the system, including the following:

  • The grading period for the documents on the Documents homepage
  • The default grading period in the teacher portal gradebook
  • The default for queries using the Grading Periods field, such as Find Class Assignment Grades and Find Posted Grades
  • The grades available in the Review Grades section of the teacher portal
  • The creation of report card grade records for the grading period (grade records are created in the overnight process when a new grading period becomes active)
  • The PTD average in the teacher portal gradebook

NOTE: If you change the Active Grading Period during the day, grade records will be created through the overnight scripts. If you need those records immediately, use the Create Missing Grade Records and/or Refresh PTD Grades procedure(s) from the Action  menu in Axiom.

Updating the Active Grading Period

To update the Active Grading Period parameter, go to the System homepage and click on the Active Grading Periods query.

“System Active” Checkbox

Check the “System Active” checkbox for the current Active Grading Period and uncheck off the “System Active” checkbox for the Grading Period that has now passed.

To save these changes, click Update Records .

Note: As with all system parameters, checking only the User Active flag instead of the System Active flag will change the Active Grading Period only for the user logged in.