September 2020 Client Digest

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September 2020

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I hope this email finds you well! In this month's digest, in addition to a summary of recent updates, we have parent/teacher conference and grade publishing resources for you. We are excited for a new course on running conferences that we just released in Veracross University, and there are a number of live sessions to support your registrars and others who will be closing out grading periods, posting grades, and publishing report cards.

We are also starting up an expert user group soon about online enrollment. Interested in sharing your perspectives? Check out the sign-up link at the end of this email. 

Jessica Wallis
Vice President of Product Management

Recent Product Updates

We thought August was busy with 12 bugs squashed, but in September, we squashed 56 bugs and published 12 enhancements. Here is a highlight of recent product updates. Find them all at Learn Veracross.

Cohort Updates: Portal Updates and Automatic Refreshing

Updates in the Portals
: We added in-person and remote designations in the attendance interface on the faculty portal, making it easy for teachers to know whether they should be looking at a desk or a screen to find a student on a given day.

We also added cohort and remote status indicators on the student daily schedule so students and parents can easily see where their child is supposed to be on a given day. Read more.

Automatic Cohort Refreshing: On the administrative side, we now automatically refresh all active cohorts nightly. You can still run the Action menu item manually to see updates right away. Read more

An example of the new in-person/remote interface that teachers see when taking attendance.

New Import Types: Resources, Transfer Transcript Grades

You can use the Veracross Data Importer (available as a link on the System homepage) to import all kinds of data into Veracross. We have two new import types for you:

  • Resources: Import new and update existing resources for use in resource reservations and class scheduling
  • Transfer Transcript Grades: Import new transfer grade transcript items and update existing ones.

Read more

Publish Historical Academic Documents

As part of our new academic document publishing feature, we rolled out the ability to control the display of previous years' academic documents in the parent and student portals using the same publishing mechanism used for current year reports. It is disabled by default, but if you choose to take advantage of this feature, you can use the exact same publishing workflow to make available historical academic documents — all of them, some of them, only for particular students, etc.

Read more.

An example of how historical report cards and progress reports can be displayed in a parent portal. 

Admission Portal 3: Demographic Widget Update

We've heard from many schools using Admission Portal 3 that more control over how the demographic checklist item widget works is needed, so we redesigned how this widget type works, giving you more control than ever before. Completion of the demographic checklist item will no longer be tied to a single button click - portal users will now be required to interact with each section of the demographic interface you set as required and will only be able to mark sections complete when they've met the requirement you've set for that section.

Read more.

Manage individual demographic data on the new "Demographic Sections" tab of the registration season type record. 

Product Updates Coming Soon

Keep an eye out next month for these releases:

  • Non-parent billing portal: enable non-parents (admin assistants, trustees, extended family, et al.) to make manual partial or full electronic payments for invoices
  • Admission Portal 3 updates: support for multi-file uploads, copying school and inquiry forms, and multi-add capability on inquiry forms

Did You Know You Can Add a Clickable Meeting URL to the Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule Document?

Kevin Holt is back with a tip about the parent/teacher conference document!

Are you running your parent/teacher conferences virtually? You can publish a clickable link to the meeting URL that displays on the teacher and student version of the conference schedule document.

How? Just enter an HTML hyperlink in the Location field of the conference. It must be an HTML hyperlink — If you simply type a URL, the URL will be displayed, but will not be clickable.

Enter an HTML <A HREF> link in the "Location" field of a conference slot.

And here's how the link displays in the parent conference document.
It displays similarly in the teacher's version, too!

Publishing Report Cards and Running Parent/Teacher Conferences

To help get you up and running with report card publishing and running parent/teacher conferences (PTCs), we have several resources available in October in Veracross University (VU):

  • A new course: "Parent-Teacher Conferences." Find it in the Academics learning path, or just search for it in the "Content Library." If you haven't run PTCs in Veracross, it's worth setting aside 20 or 30 minutes to work through the videos and knowledge checks.
  • Two live sessions in VU on running PTCs
    • Tue Oct 6, 11:00 AM Eastern (GMT-4)
    • Thu Oct 8, 1:00 PM Eastern (GMT-4)
  • A live session on the academic document publishing process:
    • Tue Oct 13, 11:00 AM Eastern (GMT-4)
  • Two live sessions on end-of-grading-period workflows (will include the academic document publishing process, but will cover other topics, too):
    • Thu Oct 8, 11:00 AM Eastern (GMT-4)
    • Tue Oct 20, 11:00 AM (GMT-4)
To access all live sessions, log into Veracross University, and click "LIve Sessions" at the top.
Access Veracross University

Veracross University requires a separate login. Don't have one? Reach out to your school's Veracross administrator or email

Have Opinions About Online Enrollment?

To help gather feedback about the trajectory of our product, we run expert user groups on a variety of topics, and we have one starting soon about online enrollment. Do you work with your enrollment processes at your school and would like to help shape the future of the Veracross online enrollment product? Consider signing up for our expert user group! Click here to learn more and register

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