School Year Management FAQ

Can I run the "Start School Year" procedure multiple times?

The "Start School Year" procedure can be run multiple times without issue. That being said, there are some things you should consider before running the "Start School Year" procedure: 

  • each time the procedure is run, the M-F Rotation Day Calendar is re-initalized and any changes that have been made to the rotation since the last time the procedure was run are overwritten.
    •   Non-M-F Rotations are NOT affected by the Start School Year procedure.

We urge you to read more about the Start School Year procedure by reviewing documentation here.

How do I copy athletic teams to the next school year?

If your school is going to have the same athletic teams for the next school year, it's easier to copy the teams from last year rater than create new ones. To do this, perform the following steps:

The location of the "Copy Athletic Teams for {Next Year}" procedure on the System homepage.

  1. Navigate to the System homepage.
  2. Click on the Action button and select the "Copy Athletic Teams for {Next Year}" procedure.
  3. Click on the green button to confirm.

Do I have to manually enter the entry date for future students?

Sometimes, when trying to keep student data as accurate as possible, it is unclear whether or not certain data points are updated automatically or need to be manually entered on a student-by-student basis, for example, the entry date field on the student's person record.

Sheila Abbott's entry date, located on the Enr History tab of her person record.

The Entry Date field is populated automatically for future students when the Start School Year procedure is run, based on the start school date for that year. If a student's Entry Date field is already populated or was manually entered, then the Start School Year procedure does not overwrite the existing entry date.

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How do I add/remove year options from drop-down menus?

As time progresses, available year options in drop-down menus should be adjusted to reflect what makes sense. For example, it wouldn't make much sense to have past years listed in many situations. You can control which years appear using the Years query on the System homepage.

An example of how a Years query could appear in your database.

To adjust which years appear in drop-down menus, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Years query on the System homepage.
  2. Find the year that you want to modify and check/uncheck as necessary.
    • Disabled: Checking this box removes this year from various drop-down menus in the system.
    • Exclude From Classifications: Checking this box removes this year from various classification options.
    • To clarify, if you want a year to appear in a menu or as an option in classifications, both of these boxes should be unchecked.
  3. Click Update Records.  

What happens if I need to change my schools start date after I have already run the Start School Year procedure?

If you've already run the Start School Year procedure but then realize that you need to adjust you school start date, there are four places you will need to update this date:

Grading Periods Query

The Grading Period Begin Date fields must be updated for the ALL grading period and any other grading periods that begin on the first day of school.

The Grading Period Begin Date fields must be updated for the ALL grading period and any other grading periods that begin on the first day of school. After these dates are adjusted, be sure to click the Update Records button to save your changes.

Begin Date for Classes

Query for all classes that begin on the old date for the start of the school year. You'll need to batch update the "Begin Date" field for these classes.

To find a query of all classes that you will need to batch update the "Begin Date" for, perform the following steps:

  1. Run a Find Classes query from a school-level specific or System homepage.
  2. Apply the following criteria to the Begin Date field:
    • "date is" the original first date of school date
  3. Run the query.
  4.  Click on the Action menu and select the "Batch Update Records" procedure.
  5. Select the Begin Date field in the drop-down list and then set the value as the new start of school date.
  6. Run the procedure.

Update the "First Day of School" Group Event

The "First Day of School" group event for the 2020-2021 school year. Update the "Start Date" value to the correct date.

Search for the first day of school group event by performing the following steps:

  1. Open a Find Group Events query
  2. Set the following criteria to the Event Type field:
    •  "is one of" First Day of School
  3. Run the query, then click into the event record.
  4. Update the Start Date field to the new start of the school year.

Rotation Calendar

The Rotation Calendar showing the start of the 2020-2021 school year. The First Day of School event is on 8/24/20.

Check the rotation calendar to make sure that everything is appearing as you'd expect. Things you should look for include:

  • the "First Day of School" event is on the correct day
  • the rotation days are behaving as you'd expect 

Do grading periods get recreated for each year once we roll forward the school year?

When you close an old school year and look to starting a new one, there may be questions as to what is carried forward into the next school year. Specifically, for this question, are grading periods recreated in the new school year when you move the school year from one year to the next.

The standard Grading Periods query, which can be found on the System homepage.

 Yes — grading periods are copied froward between school years. It is important to remember to wait until the Close School Year procedure has been run before updating the Grading Period Begin Date and Grading Period End Date fields in the Grading Periods query to make sure that you are adjusting the grading priods for the correct school year. 

Veracross does store historical grading period start and end dates, but changing the dates after the close school year procedure will ensure that the historical grading period dates are retained.

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Do Coaches become Former Coaches when the "Team" has been completed?

Not necessarily. Axiom manages the Coach role differently than other roles in the system. Where a lot of things are tied to the status of the class being completed or active, coaches are tied to the broader school year.

Anyone tied to a "team" as either a coach or assistant coach has that role until the school year itself changes. The system stops automatically giving them the "Coach" person role if you remove their permissions from any teams they are assigned to or change the role from "Coach" to "<None>" or "Other".