School-Defined Groups


A group is a collection of people with common attributes, e.g., Students by School Level, Alumni by Graduation Year, and Classes by Grade Level. There may be thousands of Veracross-generated groups in any given school, and the ability also exists to create school-defined groups to track any sort of group membership in a given year. Being tied to a school year is the key differentiator with Profile Codes, which persist year to year by default.

As with standard groups, school-defined ones create email distribution lists to facilitate easy communication. One place groups can be accessed is via the Main homepage, “Find Groups” under “General.”

Adding a School-Defined Group

To add a school-defined group, select “Add a Group” from the “Add” button  on the System homepage. The Description and School Year are required, and the other options become available after clicking “Add Group.”

Use Cases: PTA Membership and School Trip Participants. A school could create a group to track members of a PTA, as membership likely changes from year to year. A school also could create groups to track students who participate in school trips in a given year. Both of these scenarios are appropriate for school-defined groups, as they are connected to a specific academic year.

Updating the School Year

School-defined groups are reset each school year by default. To update a school-defined group to the current school year, select the “Update Group School Year to Current School Year” Action menu item. This procedure only works with school-defined groups (not Veracross-generated ones), and can be helpful if membership in a group extends beyond the current school year.