Scheduling Options for Schedules and Class Enrollment

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There are several different options available for scheduling in Veracross. Most schedule data originates from either an outside source or through the Veracross Scheduler. If the scheduling does take place outside Veracross, the following describes several options for getting your school’s schedule into Veracross.  Each option has one or more school-level tags (PS = Pre-School, LS = Lower School, MS = Middle School, US = Upper School) that indicate which school-levels the option is most relevant for.

Note:  If your period/block schedule, your rotation days, or your grading periods (for example: semesters to trimesters, or trimesters to quarters) are significantly changing for the next school year, please notify your Account Manager as soon as possible and you should allow for at least four weeks for significant changes to be made within Veracross.

Veracross Schedule Builder (MS, US)

For help with the Veracross Scheduler, see the Scheduler Overview.

“Homeroom” Scheduling (PS, LS, MS)

Scheduling by homeroom is typically done in lower-schools where a student’s schedule is determined by which homeroom he/she is in.  Most all classes (there can be exceptions) are associated with a specific homeroom.  When a student is assigned to a homeroom, the school level menu option can be run to enroll the student in the associated classes.

For specific instructions with screenshots of the Schedule by Homeroom process, read the article, How to Schedule by Homeroom.

Import Schedules, and Enrollments via the Veracross Data Importer (PS, LS, MS, US)

Schools are able to import new Classes, Class Schedules, and Class Enrollments using the Veracross Data Importer.

Please see the following documentation for each import type:

Class A Scheduler by Longhouse Software (MS, US)

The third-party scheduling package called ‘Class A Scheduler’ by Longhouse Software can be used to create the schedule and export it for use by Veracross. Learn more about integrating Class A Scheduler with Veracross. Other Third Party Scheduling Software 

Other third-party exports (exports that are not Class A/Longhouse) can be re-formatted to conform to the Veracross Data Importer types for Class, Class Schedule, and Class Enrollment (see above).

Enter Schedules Manually (PS, LS, MS, US)

Schedules can also be entered into Veracross manually.  The process for this is as follows:

  1. Enter the Classes for the next school-year.  This can be done manually class by class, or by copying your current-year classes to next year using the various “Copy” options on the System menu. See the Copy prior year classes documentation.
  2. Enter the schedules for each of the Classes added in step one by using the “Schedule” tab on the Class screen.
    Schools have two options for how this may be done: either enter each class meeting time one-by-one or use the Auto Schedule Block feature.
  3. Enroll each student in the desired classes.
  4. Manually resolve any scheduling conflicts.

Note:  You may also decide to do a hybrid approach combining the “copy” classes option on the System menu and filling out the VC Excel Template (mentioned near the top of this documentation article).  For instance, you may want to copy classes and then send your rosters and class schedules via the Excel template.  Alternatively, you may decide to copy classes, enter class schedules manually within Veracross, and use the Excel template to send us your rosters.

Enter Schedules Manually using Schedule Manager (MS, US)

After course requests are entered, the Schedule Manager can be used to manually enroll students in classes to create their schedules.

  1. Open the Schedule Manager.
  2. Select student.
  3. Scroll down to bottom of page and select “Course Requests” tab.
  4. Manually enroll student in courses, noting the course conflicts under the “Would conflict with” column.

Arena Scheduling (US)

Arena scheduling is the process where over the course of one or more days students enroll in next-year’s classes by visiting each relevant Department Head (or equivalent) and requesting a specific course.  If the course is available and the Department Head approves the student’s request, he/she enrolls the student in the Class on the spot.  At the end of arena-scheduling, the schedule for the next year is 90+% complete.  The process for setting up arena scheduling is as follows:

  1. Enter the Classes for the next school-year. This can be done manually class by class, or by copying your current-year classes to next year using the various “Copy” options on the System menu. See the Copy prior year classes documentation.
  2. Designate one or more people for each “Department” whose responsibility it will be to enroll students in the requested courses for that Department/Subject.
  3. Work with your Account Manager to ensure the people designated in step 2 have the appropriate security to update Class rosters.
  4. Schedule one or more days to conduct arena-scheduling.
  5. After arena-scheduling is complete, manually resolve any scheduling conflicts.