Scheduling an Admissions Visit

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Veracross supports tracking visits in a number of different ways depending on a school’s needs. For a school that manages a large number of visits each week including interviews and tours, Veracross offers a comprehensive visit tracking system. Alternatively, Veracross supports simpler ways of tracking visit details. This guide will give steps for scheduling a visit using the full visit functionality in the Veracross Admissions module.

Step 1: Add/Find the Visit

When a visit is scheduled, the starting point is to either open an already existing visit record or to add one by hand.

If the visits already exist use the Admissions Calendar to find an open slot. Already existing visits will show up on the Admissions Calendar as gray links with the start time of the pre-configured visit slot. Clicking into that slot will allow entering the Interview start and end time, change the description if necessary (for example, if the visit is actually a Skype meeting instead of an actual on site visit) and add attendees.

If visits do not already exist. Then use the ‘Add a Visit’ link on the Admissions homepage. Adding a visit then means adding the visit date, times, description and attendees.

Step 2: Add Visit Attendees

Attendees are added at the bottom of the visit screen. Specifying the Visit Role tells the system what type of participant each attendee is. Add the prospect, interviewer, parents, and anyone else who should be specified as attending the visit. Select the person using the search tool available in the person column of the input grid.

Please note that events with zero attendees will be deleted after the event has passed.

If Admissions Visit Notifications have been setup, leaving the attendance status as ‘Invited’ will ensure that the person gets a notification. If avoiding the notification to that attendee is desired, change the Attendance status to ‘Confirmed’ will skip the initial notification.

Once an Interviewer or Prospect have been added to the Visit, the Admissions Calendar will reflect those changes by turning from a gray color to a bold blue color indicating that a visit is scheduled, but has not yet happened. In addition, the interviewer’s initials and the prospect’s last name will show up on the Admissions Calendar.

The time for the interviewer is inherited from the "Start Time" of the interview specified on the visit. If no interview start time is specified, then the interviewer inherits the start time of the admissions visit.

Step 3: Assign a Tour Guide

If a visit schedule has been configured and tour guides are tracked in the system, Veracross will help match your visit up with an available tour guide. Use the Available Tour Guides tab on the Visit detail screen to find matches based on a tour guide’s availability, interests, and other matching done between tour guides and the prospect.

Once a suitable tour guide is found, add that tour guide to the ‘Tour Guide’ field on the General tab of the Visit.

If a visit schedule is not configured or tour guides are not tracked, add a person in the Tour Guide field on the visit to track who will serve as the tour guide for the visit.

Step 4: View Scheduled Interviews on the Admissions Calendar

View any newly scheduled visits on the Admissions Calendar to track which visits are scheduled each day.

Learn more about Admissions Visit functionality and configuration.