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Learn all about considerations to take when thinking about student schedules here,


Schedule Document Overview
The schedule document is a dynamic document that updates as the student schedule is modified. The document can be referenced by accessing its assigned URL online or by printing out the schedule as a PDF.
Alternate Block Schedule Configurations
This article explains how to configure alternate schedules at your school so that attendance, student/teacher locations, and resource scheduling are accurate.
Calendar Day Rotation
The following instructions should be followed when initially setting up a non M-F calendar day rotation. Instructions should be repeated for each distinct rotation at your school.
Schedule Document Troubleshooting
If your school is having problems with the student schedule PDF document, check the following things first, before contacting your Veracross Account Manager.
Scheduling Options for Schedules and Class Enrollment
There are several different options available for scheduling in Veracross. Most schedule data originates from either an outside source or through the Veracross Scheduler.
Block vs. Period Scheduling
There are two kinds of schedules that a school can have: Period Scheduling and Block Scheduling. Veracross supports both, but the Schedule Builder can only work with Block Scheduling.
Schedule Template Types
Veracross offers four different types of schedule templates: default, block, list, and simple. The schedule template type determines how the schedule information displays on the schedule document.
Maximizing Flexibility with Multiple Class Schedules
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview As you are preparing for the start of the 2020-21 school year, you are likely facing  uncertainty about what the school year will look like. To account for that u...