Schedule Template Types

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Veracross offers four different types of schedule templates: default, block, list, and simple. The schedule template type determines how the schedule information displays on the schedule document. When determining which schedule type to use, consider whether students or teachers have classes scheduled on one rotation or on multiple rotations. Note that it is possible to set different schedule types for both student and teacher schedules.

Adjusting Template Types Through URL Manipulation

You can quickly switch what schedule template type is displayed by adjusting the URL for each schedule. As a baseline, the URL for the schedule document looks like this:<school short name>/schedule/<student ID>?key=_

When typing this URL, replace the <school short name> with your school's short name and <student ID> with the person ID of the student whose schedule you are looking at.

For each for the template types, remove the "key=_" and append the URL with the following value:

  • Default Type: t=index
  • Block Type: t=block
  • List Type: t=list
  • Simple Type: t=simple

Here's an example URL for if you wanted to adjust the URL to display a list type for student 1111 in the vcdemo_client database:

Schedule Template Types

Default Type

The Default type is the preset schedule that a school will use unless otherwise noted. It is designed to be used most effectively by schools with a single primary rotation. Students and teachers viewing this schedule will see the class times listed on the left side of the page and the different rotating days listed across the top. The colors are hard-coded.

This is the most common type of schedule.

Block Type

The Block type displays classes by the block that they meet in, organized by time. It is best used for multiple rotation schedules that students and teachers cycle through. Only blocks in which a student or teacher has a class scheduled will be visible in this schedule type, regardless of what rotation the school is currently cycling through.

This is the second most common type of schedule.

List Type

The List type displays the days across the top of the schedule and the classes down the left side. It is best used for a single rotation schedule, but will display all of the classes across rotations a student or teacher is currently enrolled in or teaching.

Note that if a teacher teaches across two different class rotations then the List view will show all classes the teacher is currently teacher down the left side, but the blocks will only show for the classes within the teacher’s primary rotation. The primary rotation is determined based on the teacher’s assigned primary school level.

Simple Type

The Simple type displays the classes by the block, location, and teacher. It has no knowledge of the day or time the class is scheduled.