Schedule Document Troubleshooting

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If your school is having problems with the student schedule PDF document, check the following things first, before contacting your Veracross Account Manager.

Scheduling Reference Date

  • Set the parameter to a date within the grading period you want to view schedules for.

Learn more about the scheduling reference date.


Assure that the following rotation settings are properly adjusted.

  • Ensure that the days in the rotation you are using are enabled. A Veracross engineer must check this setting.
  • Assure that the rotation days on the schedule document match the enabled rotation days. If this is not the case, update the Primary Rotation field on the School Level query.
    • For example, if your school uses a Day 1- Day 10 rotation, make sure the days on your schedule document say Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. rather than Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

Class Dates

  • Make sure the start/end dates on the class are correct.
    • For example, start/end dates that have the wrong school year will not appear on the schedule.

Class Schedules

  • Assure that the time on the class schedule has begin and end times that fall within the hours that display on the schedule – the default schedule displays classes that meet between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
    • For example, if a class is set to meet from 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM, the class will not display.

Late Date Enrolled / Date Withdrawn

  • If a student enrolls in a class late, the scheduling reference date must be after the Late Date Enrolled field on their Class Enrollment record.
  • If a student withdraws from a class, the scheduling reference date must be after the Date Withdrawn field on their Class

Note: we recommend setting the Scheduling Reference Date to a date near the end of the grading period so class changes are automatically reflected on the schedule document.

Class Status

  • Assure that the class status is set to either Active, Future, or Completed. The class will not display if the status is either On Hold or Cancelled.

Block Configuration

  • Make sure that blocks that should appear on the schedule, but do not require students to be scheduled in classes (e.g. lunch, chapel, advisory, etc.), are flagged as “Universal” instead of “Scheduled” on the Blocks query. Also be sure the Universal period is included in the appropriate Block Group(s).

If you confirm that none of the above are the problem, contact your Veracross Account Manager with an example.