Schedule Document Overview

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The schedule document is a dynamic document that updates as the student schedule is modified. The document can be referenced by accessing its assigned URL online or by printing out the schedule as a PDF. This article outlines how this document is structured and configured.

Learn more about schedule document troubleshooting.

Accessing the Schedule

Links to the student schedule can be found in several places in Axiom.

  • From the student detail screen, both the tabs Schedule and Schedule – ALL have an option that reads Click… that will allow the user to view the document.
  • From the Enrollment Manager, users can click on the Download Schedule button to view.
  • From the Today Homepage, open a query for schedules under the Logistics questions. Design the query to include the Schedule (view) option. Run the query and follow the link that results.
  • Schools may configure schedules to display using the appropriate portal shortcut link. (Student Schedule Document = {system:student_schedule} and Faculty Schedule Document = {system:faculty_schedule}) Ensure also that the Enable Portal Schedule option is enabled on the grade level record.

Component Configuration

The schedule document has several components that pull information from different parts of the system. Below is outlined what components are featured in a common configuration of the schedule document and from where in the system they pull. These components are customizable; please submit a ticket for more information.

Document Components

Name: The student’s full name will be displayed at the top of the document. This pulls from the student record and will include a middle name if available.

Grading Period: The applicable grading period will populate next to the student name on the schedule document. What displays here will be the applicable major grading period as determined by a system parameter called the Schedule Reference Date.

Grade Level: The grade level that is displayed here is the current grade for the student as recorded on the student record.

Advisor: The advisor that is displayed here is defined and set on the student record.

Address: The address at the top of the document is from the Household record for the student.

Parents: Both Parent 1 and Parent 2 identified on the student record and linked via parent relationships will display on the top of the document.

Classes: The actual class section of the document is populated by what is on the Schedule tab of the student record page. The Schedule document will only display current classes, viewed on the Scheule tab itself; the Schedule – ALL tab will have past and future classes for the year as well but these will not display on the schedule.

There are multiple configuration templates for how classes can be displayed on a schedule document. Please see the Schedule Template Types article to learn more.

Next Year’s Schedule

Classes for the upcoming year can be viewed by students via the portal if the URL {system:student_schedule}?next_year=true is linked to as a portal component. The same can be done for faculty schedules using the URL {system:faculty_schedule}?next_year=true. This will pull any classes for the upcoming year and display them in a schedule document.

In order for the next year’s schedule to display, the following criteria must be met:

  • Classes, Schedules, and Rosters must already be generated for the following year.
  • The schedule configuration for the following year must be the same as the current year; e.g., if there will be changes to the block rotation, this will not display properly.
  • The Next Year Reference Date must be set within a particular grading period for that year.
  • Student must NOT be moving between School Levels.